MyMagic+: Disney Ramps up the Magic

On our last trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, we were introduced to My Magic+. Once again, Disney is taking vacation planning to a new level and helping families squeeze as much magic as possible into their vacations!

First, before we left for our trip, we downloaded the Walt Disney World’s My Disney Experience app that syncs with My Disney Experience on our home computer. This site is an incredible resource for trip planning!

  • see wait times for every ride
  • make dinner reservations
  • reserve your Fastpass+ attractions
  • interactive park maps
  • find nearest restrooms
  • parade/show schedules
  • character appearances (with locations and times)
  • view your PhotoPass pictures and more!


Super easy and incredibly convenient. While in the parks, we could open the app and see everything we needed. We were constantly checking it as we planned our day – SO incredibly helpful!! In the app, you can even add all of your family and friends you are traveling with and customize your experiences!

Upon arriving in the parks, we were given Magic Bands. They  are so convenient – especially for families. No more keeping track of tickets, fast passes, room keys… everything is in one place and everyone has their own!

Your Magic Band is used for:

  • Hotel Key (opens room doors, pools, hotel entrances, etc. Everything you used your room key for)
  • Charge purchases (Pay for items at shops in the parks, hotel, or Downtown Disney (optional). Add a credit card to your band and a pin number and you can charge items to your room)
  • Tracking Disney Dining Plan (counter service, table service, and snack credits)
  • Park Tickets
  • Fastpass+ (uses Fastpass+ which will replace traditional Fastpass tickets soon)
  • PhotoPass (yet another extra card to keep track of!)
  • ID for lost kids (not a GPS tracker though, see FAQ)


What was SUPER amazing was that with the MagicBands, it automatically saves your RIDE PICTURES to your PhotoPass!!

Rockin Roller Coaster

Finally, we got to use the new FastPass+. Remember the old days? Of running through the parks trying to get that FastPss before it was gone? Now, using the My Magic Experience app, you can get your FastPass+ up to 60 days before you travel! (If you are staying at a Disney hotel. Off property guests can do 30 days before.) We didn’t have this luxury – being on a last minute trip – however we were able to get FastPass+ for EVERY ride we wanted by reserving the evening before!

All in all, our Magic Bands made our lives so much easier. Pairing them with PhotoPass+ just made the whole thing even better.


Disclosure: I attended an informational press trip with Disney. 

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  1. I definitely need to head back to try the MagicBands. Sounds like it will be a completely different experience…for the better!

  2. I haven’t done the parks with the magic bands either, but I so want to give it a try. We did use the app on our phones to check the status of rides – all the time! I love all the useful apps that make vacation that much more enjoyable! So convenient!

  3. I think they rolled these out right after we went last year 🙁 I hope to get back sometime soon.

    That fastpass thing still seems more stressful than easy. Now you have to plan your whole day before you even get there – ACK!

  4. So amazing! I can’t wait to go back to Disney and try all this new technology.

  5. Tip: If you own the Disney Infinity, you can also use your Magic Bands to unlock cool features.

    Also, certain rides at the parks make different sounds with your Magic Band. For example, when you use your Magic Band at Haunted Mansion, it makes a spooky sound! So fun!

  6. I’m a big fan! We let the dude pick out the band colors. Blue for him, green for daddy and pink for mama. Ha!