Thicker, Shinier Hair — It’s Possible!

Currently in the sixth month of my pregnancy, I’m experiencing some of the best hair I’ve ever had. But I know once the kid is out, a lot of this lustrous thickness is going to go with her, so I started doing some research on the best solutions. We all know that as we age, our hair tends to loose its fullness and shine, and even if you haven’t reached that point yet, there’s plenty you can do to beef up what you’ve got now and give your locks hope for thickness and shine down the line.

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In my research I stumbled across a product line called Truth Vitality. Developed by Marta Wohrle, founder of (an online resource with over 400,000 readers that provides unbiased guidance on health and beauty products), these shampoos and other hair helpers are a real saving grace for those with hair that’s starting to thin or looking lackluster. Marta says of her Truth Vitality line, “the products were created with the input of the Truth in Aging community. This highly engaged audience requested products that would help restore healthy hair growth.” Thus the process began, and the results are spectacular.


Based upon a unique complex of healing copper peptides, the products work to encourage hair growth while reducing shedding. The infusion of these nutrients can offset the follicles that enter the “resting stage” (wah!) during post-partum estrogen loss (and later, tied to menopause). The conditioner also contains caffeine and a blend of oils including Emu, Macademia Nut, and Carrot Seed for enhanced shine. And their advanced complex focuses on treating the scalp, surging vitamin B5 in conjunction with the copper peptides and amino acids to further reverse the aging/shedding process. They even have a little help for your face in the form of Truth Vitality Brow Empower, which utilizes the same principles and ingredients to help regrow sparse brows.

The line ranges from $29 to $49 per product and gets raves from customers who claim thicker, shinier, and more lustrous locks by the end of their first bottle. Get your hands on the shampoo, conditioner, advanced complex, and brow treatment STAT — and gear up for a post-partum (or just because!) bout of great hair days. Truth in Aging to purchase.

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