Whish… for Lovely Legs

The summer sun is fading, and those gorgeous gams you came to admire might be looking and feeling a little worse for the wear. I love everything about fall, from the fashion to the food. But one thing I don’t love are the itchy, newly-pale legs that start to emerge. Before you reach for those black tights, though, consider a skin saver for your stems — Whish body care to the rescue!


Dare to bare — fall fashion isn’t ALL about tights! Photo courtesy of the Free People blog.

I recently tested out these products for inclusion in a bridal beauty story for my blog and couldn’t be more impressed by the quality and results, so I had to head over here and tell our All Things Chic family about them. Effective ingredients and intense moisturizers make this one-two-three punch combo perfect not only for brides-to-be, but for moms on the go.


Start with their Shave Crave shaving cream, a lush formula that beats borrowing your hubby’s but offers the same powerful results as a men’s cream. Made without harsh, drying chemicals, the formula lathers on rich and creamy for a close shave that leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing. Follow up with the Three Whishes Body Butter, a deep and intense moisturizer designed to combat the driest skin. Chemical-free with triple antioxidant power, it makes the skin of your legs (and the rest of your body!) extra supple and touchable.


Finally, who wants to face the carpool with pasty legs? If, like me, you’re not ready to ditch the bare-legged skirt routine quite yet, dive right into tanner gams with Whish’s Coconut Milk self-tanner with SPF 15. Forget the sun’s harmful rays and get yourself an enviable tan in a bottle with the added benefit of naturally firming ingredients. (Thank you!) This tanner won’t streak up and you can make it subtle with one thin application or amp it up like this Long Island girl likes to, with an extra layer on top. All products are available at Nordstrom; $20, $24, and $34 respectively.

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