Corolle: Give Gifts that Last a Lifetime

We have so many toys. We have toys coming out of our ears. I’m not even kidding. They’re everywhere. I’d say perhaps 10% of them get played with weekly. Eliza plays with her dragons. (We’re into dragons now! Thank you, Tolkien!) Colin loves to play with cars. But Grace… Grace has her dolls.


Since she could walk, she was pushed her babies in strollers, carrying them around the house, snuggling with them at night. It was the sweetest thing – our neighbors used to always stop her with her stroller and ooo and ahhh over her baby.

As she’s growing up and we’re seeing things like makeup and iPods on her Christmas list, she still loves her dolls. There’s always something for her dolls on her wish list. She sleeps with her favorite Corolle doll, Toby,  every night. She literally plays with one every day.  Especially when her baby cousins come over to visit – she immediately takes out her own dolls and gets to be Mommy just like her Aunties.

corolle for life

One of Gracie’s beloved dollies was given to her when her baby brother was born, so she could play ‘mama’ just like Mama.  When I fed Colin, she gave her baby a bottle. When I changed his diaper, she changed Toby’s diaper. When we took Colin for a walk in the stroller, she joined right in! And when a friend of ours has a baby, we always give the older sibling a Corolle doll because we know what a special gift this was to our Gracie.

lifetime of corolle

 disclosure: i am a corolle ambassador this holiday season. all opinions are my own.

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