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Your tan might have faded, but your spirit hasn’t. As we head into fall, there’s never been a better time to up the beauty ante with some of the latest products and colors on the market. So as not to obliterate the walls surrounding your comfort zone, thus throwing you even farther back in your quest to branch out, I suggest embracing one new trend at the start of the season, getting comfortable with that, and then moving on to more. In other words, don’t chop your hair into a messy lob, invest in three dark lipsticks, and switch brands and hues of blush all at once.


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You should, however, play a little, and the eyes are a great place to start. Knowing I’m a beauty writer, friends often approach me for makeup advice and when I give it, they look shocked. “Taupe shadow? But I have brown eyes!” [Long pause.] Sure, there are certain colors that are universally unflattering on certain skin tones, but most of those “rules” were devised as marketing ploys to make women buy certain things. Of course, everyone is going to have colors that really make their eyes pop, their lips stand out, and so on, but most of it’s a matter of personal preference, so don’t shy away from new or trend-right colors just because you’ve been preprogrammed to believe that you are only supposed to be wearing XYZ.

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Lancome’s fall collection includes two lovely khaki shadow palettes that are absolutely stunning for all skin tones and eye colors. I personally plan to invest in the option that includes plum, because I find it a great way to add drama to the lids, especially against all-over olive green. Whichever palette you choose, make sure to work in some of the palest color all over the eye area, emphasizing a dot near the tearduct to really open things up. With color this rich and dynamic, you can totally skip liner and just go right to a thick application of your favorite blackest-black mascara. Get ready for women to stop you on the street to ask about your shadow! NEW 5 Pan eye shadow palette in Golden Sage and Olive Amour, $50 each, Lancome.


What’s old is new again, as evidenced in January Jones’ makeup look for the Emmy’s, courtesy of CHANEL. This black liner look gets a chill vibe with nude lower lids. The bright red lip brings plenty of Hollywood va-va-voom. Note that January wears a matte lip here; glossier reds can come on too strong when paired with black liquid liner and lots of lashes. If you like wearing your hair up, it’s a great way to complement this makeup scheme. That said, remember the golden rule about not trying too much at once — you can totally pull of this beautiful look with your hair down and wavy, straight, or thrown in a pony! Make up your own rules. And get the goods: CHANEL eyeliner pen in Noir, $35, and Rouge Allure intense long-wear lip colour in Coromandel, $35. Try Avon’s Big & Daring volume mascara for major lashes like January’s. On sale for $7, Avon.com.

97392cdc785d87324244f3274977a87fToning down cheek color is totally a thing now — and while going completely pale might not work for everyone, I strongly suggest ditching the bronzer this season and warming up to a cool neutral. I’ve always been obsessed with NARS Cosmetics’ cult classic, Orgasm, but this fall with the paler cheek look coming in, I’m opting for an even softer hue from the brand, aptly called Sex Appeal. Understated yet totally stunning, this is one to invest in and hold onto throughout the many, many months ahead. NARS blush, $30.0607845040330-1 0607845040330

Now head to the beauty counter and get glowing, girl!

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