Give the Gift of a Grand Adventure at Disney

When I look back at my many, many times at Disney Parks & Resorts, I consistently come back to one overarching memory: family.

I remember my Grandma laughing as she hugged Mickey Mouse. I remember dancing with my cousins at parades. I remember the time my husband and I were called up to be in a show (while the family roared with laughter). I remember my little sisters meeting princesses and riding Splash Mountain with my brother. I remember the time my uncle talked my roller-coaster-fearing mother onto Space Mountain (sadly, we have no photographic evidence of this).  I remember my dad in his Mickey Mouse ears. I remember my daughter laughing hysterically as she watched me do the can-can onstage at Hoop-de-doo Review.

I remember all the family moments – big and small – that make up my Disney memories.

These days, more than half of our vacations involve our parents or extended family.  Now that we no longer live nearby each other, we have found family vacations are the best way for us to reconnect and spend time together. Not to mention that – with three kids – we prefer to have extra adults around! We often bring my mom along on our trips to Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort – it makes things that much more magical!! (Not to mention, then my husband and I get a date night at Disney while the kids hang with Grandma!)

Disney's Grand Adventures


And it sounds like we’re not alone.

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts is launching  a new multi-generational Disney vacation travel initiative called “The Gift of the Grand Adventure.”A recent survey from Walt Disney World Parks & Resort noted that 1 in 5 grandparents had been on a Disney vacation with their grandchildren. Grandparents want to spend more time with their families and vacationing together is a great way to do that. Not to mention, Disney is turning 60 next year – today’s grandparents were the first generation to experience Disney Parks and they want to experience it with their grandchildren.

Disney Parks has something for everyone – from thrilling rides, amazing shows and limitless dining options. Its the perfect place to reconnect as a family!  Imagine surprising your family Christmas morning with the news they’re going to Disney!! Imagine the look on your grandson’s face when you wear get your pirate face on! Or dancing with your granddaughter in front of the castle! Or surprising your teenage grandkids by braving Splash Mountain! These memories will last a lifetime!


Be sure to check out the Disney site to see all the latest promotions and money-saving offers:


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  1. This is so exciting! And I know a certain set of grandparents who have a big anniversary soon! I may have to pass this on to them. 😉

  2. I’ve only ever been with my parents. Such a great place to go with grandkids!

  3. I have so many great family memories of going to Disneyland and WDW with my parents as a kid and know they would love to relive the joy through my kids’ eyes through a family trip! The Gift of a Grand Adventure sounds absolutely amazing!

  4. What a fun adventure! I also have so many fond memories of my trips to Disney as a kid. I don’t think my grandparents ever joined us. What an amazing way to connect!

  5. What an extraordinary vacation experience! I love that there is something unique for all age groups and it is a vacation that offers an opportunity to bridge the generational gap! And your pictures are TRULY PRICELESS!

  6. I have taken my parents along for trips with the kids and LOVE the idea.

  7. Love it…was just at WDW two weeks ago, can hardly get enough! 60…didn’t realize that!!

  8. Wow! 60 years! I had no idea! My parents went with us last year and it was so nice having grandparents there with us in Disney World! I hope we can do it again, soon!

    We went to Disneyland this year with one more kid and no grandparents and it was definitely more challenging!

  9. This is a great idea on Disney’s part! Tons of grandparents are always with their grandkids – so very true. We went to Epcot with Nana in January and we’ll cherish those memories forever – even though it was a horribly cold, rainy adventure! I can’t wait to go back again soon with extended family!

  10. I love this idea! Although my parents haven’t come along on our annual family trips to Walt Disney World, I have fond memories of traveling to Disney with them. It would be really fun to do a multi-generational trip!

  11. So well-timed! My family has been talking for YEARS how we need to do a family vacation to Disney: grandma, parents and grandkids. We really want to share in that experience together, as we know how important the memory will be to the kids. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Doing a multi generational Disney trip is on our bucket list. Most of our kid’s grandparents live in Florida and it would be so nice to do a vacation there together instead of always being hosted at their homes.

  13. This to me sounds like an amazing initiative. I can only imagine how many grandparents would give anything to experience this joy with their grandchildren. It is a joy like no other.

  14. I’m going to be that grandmother who takes her grandkids to Disney. We are huge Disney lovers and have been season pass holders for years. It won’t be long before I’m taking my first grand kid along with me!

  15. We have been blessed to have gone to Disney several times with my parents. Our last trip with them was a few years ago, a few months after my father had won his battle with cancer. In his condition he couldn’t do everything, but all he wanted was his girls to enjoy everything they could. What awesome memories we made.

  16. not only is this SO SMART… but I am passing this information along to a certain couple I know. 🙂

  17. Love the photos, Melissa! We had the wonderful opportunity to take my mom along to Walt Disney World with us a few years ago during marathon weekend, and she had a blast with the kids. Now if we could just convince my dad that he would like it at the Happiest Place on Earth…

  18. Disney World really is the happiest place on Earth for our fam! And I love seeing other people experience it!

  19. Melissa, do you know how I can have notice of this offer for further dates? We had been last week with the Dining Plan and is an experience worth to repeat… And our we had taken my mom to wDW twice and she had the same or more happiness than a child there! He met Mickey at the early age of 62yo! Nice post 🙂

    • I have signed up for email alerts from Disney Parks, Guisela, so I get offers like that in my inbox. Which is both good and bad 😉