Denim Care Tips

I wear jeans almost every day. They are the foundation of my wardrobe – I want my favorite pairs to last a long time! Not only are the perfect jeans hard to find, but good denim is an investment, so take care of your jeans!! They are NOT like your other clothes!

how to wash jeans

1. Don’t wash too often:

Wear your jeans three or four times between washings to help them hold up longer and fade slower. Unless your toddler blows his nose on you – not that this ever happens to me – you probably don’t need to wash them. Just let them air out a bit and fold back into your denim pile!

2. Wash Kindly:

If you do machine your jeans, turn them inside out and wash them in cold water with a gentle color guard detergent or color protector.

3. Hang Dry:

The heat from the dryer causes your jeans to fade faster. Hang dry overnight instead.

4. If you must dry:

Dry denim on the delicate setting (lowest heat). It will take a realllly long time, but it will make a difference! If you hate the stiff feeling that comes from hang drying jeans, air dry them first, then just throw them in the dryer on low or no heat for 10-15 minutes to let them soften up a bit before wearing.

5. Try Dryel!

Dryel is a convenient at-home dry cleaning system that safely steams and cleans soils, stains and odors while removing wrinkles. Unless my jeans have something really gross on them (see toddler snot example above), I only use Dryel on them!  I put 3-4 pairs of  jeans in the Dryel Bag and add the pre-moistened Dryel Cloth and zip it up. Place it in your dryer for 20-30 minutes to steam clean, then hang them up to dry!  Its super easy and Dryel helps me keep my favorite jeans looking terrific.

What are your denim care tips?


disclosure: i’m a compensated dryel ambassador. however, all opinions are my own.

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