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I spent the majority of my younger years shopping with no goal in mind.  Which landed me with a closet of past-trendy clothing that was ill-fitting and didn’t quite complement my particular style.  While trends can excite and refresh your style, it’s important to understand and stick to what you know works for you.  And what you in particular like.  Style isn’t about imitation – it’s about self-expression.  Figuring out what your clothing style can be daunting.  Sure there are quizzes galore that attempt to help you pinpoint your style type, but many don’t tell you much.  The last one I took said I have a ‘simply relaxed’ style that looks effortless.  I agree that I tend to look more relaxed and classic, but that doesn’t exactly help me in the shopping department.

I did stumble upon an activity last year that not only helped me understand my clothing preferences, but also pinpoint the types of clothing I should be keeping in mind for my body type and style while shopping.  It’s easy – go to your closet and pull out ten pieces of clothing, accessories or shoes that you 100% love, feel and look great in and probably have worn twenty times over.  Lay them out on your bed and take a look.  This is something you’ll want to do with each season in mind.  For example – a winter pull, a summer pull, etc.  Here’s what mine looked like when I did this activity for winter:

ATCFindYourStyle ATCFindYourStyle2

 1) LOFT Basketweave Sweater 2) Lands End Camel Striped Tunic 3) Banana Republic Indigo Skinny Jeans 4) Chunky Grey Sweater

 5) Slouchy Grey Tee 6) Enzo Angiolini Boots 7) Camel Pullover Sweater

8) Ivory Crepe Blouse 9) Fringe Scarf  10) Slouchy Striped Tee

Take a look at what you’ve pulled out.  Is there a theme?  It could be a pattern, a silhouette, a color that resonates through your selection.

Apparently in the winter I like to be as comfortable as can be.  Neutral with pieces that layer easily – so easily that I don’t have to think about what ‘goes’ together and what doesn’t.  Everything is interchangeable to make getting dressed a breeze.  Chunky knits to keep me warm in this drastically cold weather (thanks Cleveland), boots that I can walk for miles in and stay dry, slouchy tees for around the house.  Everything is purposeful, fits well and makes me feel pulled together regardless of which combination I put on.  When I shop for winter wear, I try to keep these themes in mind so that I am adding pieces to my winter collection that I’ll not only feel great in, but will integrate with my existing clothing seamlessly.  Your style doesn’t need to be summed up in one word – classic, boho, vintage, edgy, glam.  Blur the lines of those words and focus on what works for you!

Did you try this exercise?  Let us know what your emerging themes were!  All Things Chic will showcase some inspiration boards based on your feedback.

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