New Year’s Style Resolutions

It’s awesome to resolve to lose a little weight or treat our kids and spouse with more patience and tolerance. But of all the resolutions you make for 2015, don’t forget to pop on the list a little revamp for your style routine. From ditching what no longer works to working in a few key pieces, resolve to put yourself first, at least for the five minutes a day you spend getting dressed.


You have no excuse to hold onto a ripped cashmere sweater when you can replace with a gorgeous style like this one from Garnet Hill — for only $64

Thou Shalt Not Hold Onto Ruined Clothing
Am I alone in this one, or do we all have a couple used-to-be-gorgeous cashmere sweaters or loved-and-lived-in leggings featuring a hole or stain from endless wear? Even if you’re just wearing it around the house, isn’t it time to ditch these items? Even as I write this my heart is breaking for the very sweater I have in mind, but unless you can really get it fixed, it’s time to find a new one that isn’t falling apart. The good thing about cashmere and leggings? You can fall in love with the new model just as easily as you did the old.


The smart fit of these dark wash pencil jeans from Elie Tahari is just perfect for the mom-on-the-go. Now on sale for only $50, Bloomingdales.

Thou Shalt Buy New Jeans
It’s time. Holding onto those beloved skinnies is totally acceptable, but a fresh start in the denim department provides an instant pick-me-up. And, with all of the post-holiday sales going on right now, you should be able to find a great pair at a reasonable price. Maybe you’re game to try wide legs, or just in the market for a darker wash in your favorite skinny style. Either way, if they make you proud of your rearview, emphasize your long legs, fit expertly into your boots, or otherwise just work, get them. You deserve it!


A great combination of comfy and cool, try a puffer coat with leather and/or wool detailing. This one from Ashley B is now on sale at Saks — $626 from $895.

Thou Shalt Invest in Sleek Outerwear
We reviewed some of the best in outerwear earlier this season; if you didn’t listen up then you should probably do so now. A great coat wraps any outfit up in style and adds a little pep to your winter step as the next few bitter months unfold before us. Throw your chic new coat on over anything from sweats or leggings to a work-ready ensemble and feel cinched and sleek. Seasonal sales will have prices slashed at some of your favorite stores. Enjoy!


A small, convertible crossbody serves many purposes, the most important of which is to make you feel cute. Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini MAC design features a grownup, supple leather and the chain detail to make you still feel cool. $195, .

Thou Shalt Bag it — Properly
New moms like me understand the diaper bag conundrum — mine is by Marc Jacobs and is endlessly chic, but let’s face it. If it’s filled to the brim with extra outfits, nappies, and wipes, it’s not exactly representing your style. To feel like a fashion-forward woman and not just a puke-soaked mom, I always make sure to pop my fancy wallet inside when Willow and I step out. Even more important? Hubby treated me to a fab new bag for the holidays. Even if the bulk of your days are spent toting that massive diaper bag around, you should own something new and special — even something that’s not the least bit practical — to grab when you are out, baby-less, or even to double-up and let the world know you’ve still got style as you head out with your little in tow.

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