A Clutch is Clutch


White and ladylike sparkles for spring! Oh, yes, please. $95, Nordstrom.

An evening on the town calls for the right purse, but I often find myself awkwardly toting whatever day-bag I’m using at the time, simply for the sake of convenience. Then I get jealous when I look around the room and all the other gals present seem to have taken the care to stuff their little clutches with what they’ll need for the evening.


Black is an absolute must. Have fun with texture like this beaded one from REISS. Just remember to handle with care. $145, Bloomingdales.

Recently, I was rummaging through my mom’s things so I could borrow a pair of shoes (thank goodness we have the same size — it’s amazing). I discovered that all of her clutches and small evening bags are already stocked and ready for their moment. What???


Try a pop of poppy. This bold clutch features an optional gold chain for shoulder wearing, easy foldover construction, and plenty of room inside. Plus it’s on sale for $25. Score! Francesca’s.

It turns out Mama keeps a lip gloss and a small pack of tissues in each one. And while she’s amassed quite a collection over the years, I realize that it might be easier than you think to get your evening bag act together now. Every wardrobe should have one basic, black or navy clutch that can be worn for blacktie weddings and date nights alike. And then, a neutral yet glitzy or punchy-hued style that adds a pop of wow to any ensemble.


A vintage-inspired, beaded slouch clutch is so perfect in any season. This option from Zoe Adams will literally go with ANY look. It also comes in silver. $88, Lord & Taylor.


Stock each one with a slender pack of gum, a mirror, gloss, blotting papers or tissues, and a pen. Another trick from Mama is to utilize those little samples of perfume or face cream you get when cosmetics shopping. This way you always have a spritz of fragrance or hit of moisture at the ready, without having to look around. OB also makes my personal fave applicator-free tampons, which are extra-teeny. Then on the big night out, you’ll just have to toss in your license, credit card, and phone. Done!

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