Post-Baby Style Hacks

Losing the baby weight is an adventure and it’s definitely different for all. Even though I’ve lost most of mine at almost two months postpartum, things don’t exactly look the same in the midsection. Skin and other parts have rearranged themselves interestingly, and until my baby figures out how to let me get in regular workouts, I assume I’m not the only mom who isn’t feeling quite ready to rock all her old stuff proudly.

But rather than living in your maternity clothes (which is fine but can be a little depressing) or investing in a whole new wardrobe that fits in the current moment, here are some simple staples I’m finding get me through. This time is all about being comfortable but also feeling cute. As I spend most of my time devoting myself to her needs, it’s also okay to want to look nice when we leave the house for coffee, or even when her dad walks through the door at the end of the day.


Awesome leggings are an absolute must. These should be sleek, with targeted compression that lets you breathe and doesn’t hurt, but also smoothes things out. I’m newly obsessed with my Mother Tucker leggings from Belly Bandit (the makers of the original and best postpartum corset on the market; review coming soon). These go up nice and high to contain your midsection with compression around the legs that helps lessen the look of swelling many of us (myself included!) hold onto after giving birth. $79.95, Belly Bandit. Buy two pairs and rotate daily.


A loose yet flattering tunic can make all the difference. My favorite one is a drapey number from H&M that I seriously wear three times a week. Think black, navy, or charcoal — dark neutrals are easier to get away with repeating. Make sure yours isn’t so long and so wide as to leave you completely enshrouded. 3/4 sleeves are a great idea, or at least fitted ones, so that your arms and legs remain the focal point. This one, also from H&M, is now on sale for $40. Mine is a lighter material and was under $20.


Luxe ponchos might be the farthest thing from your current scope, but you might be surprised how much you love yours. Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, it’s great to have a blanket-like article of clothing on that you can tuck your nugget under at any given moment. Also, those of us with particularly fitted outerwear (ahem — me!) might still have trouble fitting underneath with a sweater, too. I love reaching for my fur poncho instead of bothering with a real jacket, as long as it’s a quick jet from house to car, car to Target, and back. This one makes me feel chic and put-together, even though it’s pure comfort. Mine was a gift from my sister-in-law. She got it Neiman Marcus. Here you go!

Other things to stock up on during this wild, exhausting, beautiful time? Cashmere socks (Garnet Hill), soft and cozy cotton tees from The Gap — my pediatrician recommends washing them in Dreft with your baby’s laundry, and sweatpants that aren’t hideous. Sleep when you can, allow yourself a cup of coffee or glass of wine when you want it, and don’t worry so much about your diet right now. These precious moments won’t come back — best to be comfortable, feel cute, and focus on that delicious bundle in your arms. You’re rocking it, Mama!

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