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The fairly pink cheek is a favorite, and I definitely am not going to suggest it’s on its way out. But as you attempt to put your best face forward for spring, can I suggest cutting the pale and warming things up with the right bronzer? It can all get so confusing — powder, gel, cream? Bold, subtle, two-tone? Here are some top picks to fit every gal’s cheeky preferences.

bronzerI’m mad for Too Faced’s Soul Mates blushing bronzer and you will be, too. These are great because they add a pop of pink to the warmth of the bronzer for layered color that’s extra pretty. Choose Ross & Rachel, which leans toward the pink side, or “Carrie & Big,” which is more orange. Use your brush to sweep both colors onto the cheek at once, starting next to the outer bottom edges of your nose and applying upward to the temples. Get ready to look alive! $34, Sephora.


One of my all-time favorite products, Lancome’s Star Bronzer is a widely unsung hero. This easy-to-use applicator has a brush at the top, allowing color to hit your cheeks evenly. It also fits in your purse without a second thought. Don’t let the lack of options freak you out, either — this one-hue-serves-all product really does work for everyone. $34, Lancome.


Don’t neglect the standard go-to of a NARS multi-use stick this season. These work on cheeks, temples, foreheads, lips, and even eyelids. Create a smashing effect with the matte multiple in Vientiane. Your only regret about investing in this hard-working product will be that you didn’t do it sooner. $39, NARS.

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