Spring Nails for the Trendy Mama

It’s finally time for a splash of much-needed color, and one place that works for everyone are the nails. Unlike liner and lipstick that carry with them some irritating color rules, any hue can work on anyone’s manicure. Need proof? Here’s what we’re loving for spring. Shake things up with your favorite metallic, seasonal neutral, or chic pastel.

55306436d765044e6b6a045fb4713e3dMetallics are ideal for mommies. The faceted, shiny finish tends to hide minor chips more easily than bold hues, meaning you can get away with a few extra days with a tired manicure. The coveted Chanel inspiration above is one of our absolute must-haves. These sunshine days are just too special for any old gold or silver polish. Reach for a more unique option like “Holographic,” a soft copper, or the blushing metallic below that complements all your favorite spring duds.

Investing in a $30 bottle of nail polish may seem over-the-top, especially if you tend to get your digits done at the salon. But imagine how much longer you could stretch between manis if you brought your own bottle and could touch up at home.


“Rose Moire” by Chanel, $27, Bloomingdales.

ea57965a5cc67c1e1992f90f1e6316fcA creamy neutral with sandy undertones is absolute perfection. Essie‘s many options include Topless & Barefoot, Sand of a Beach, and Like Linen among many others. Treat yourself — at only $8 a bottle, there’s no reason not to indulge in one (or more) of your favorites.


Technically, we’re sharing this awesome BeautyHigh snap to show an array of pastels that work this season. But if you want to go crazy and paint each nail a different color, we will definitely support this bold and pretty idea. The addition of a little rhinestone makes things extra-feminine. The only flaw with this plan is, your daughter aged 2-22 is likely to want to share, so make sure to book a double appointment! Pastels to nab now:


“Provocative” by Formula X, $10, Sephora.


“Lucky Lucky Lavender” by OPI, $8, Drugstore.com.


“Charm” by JinSoon, $18, Sephora.




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