Spring Cleaning to Support Goodwill #DonateStuffCreateJobs

Its finally spring! For those of us in New England who want to weep with joy, this is a big deal indeed! This week, I’m  carving out time to get my closet ready for spring! Have to make room for all those new spring fashions, right?

This year, I’m done rotating things through my closet without wearing them! I plan to be brutal and really take a look at what is taking up space in there. I have pieces in there that I haven’t worn since we moved in to this house two years ago!

I have a three pronged strategy.


  • New with tags: You know that stuff you bought on sale that you never ended up wearing? That cashmere sweater on clearance that wasn’t really your color, but you still optimistically bought it. Or that sweater you loved in the store but when you got it home, it clung to your tummy in a weird way… Sell it. Ebay, consignment stores, you can even sell clothes on Instagram!
  • Multiples: I know it’s hard. But how many of the same cut of jeans do you really need? How many black sweaters? How many black purses? Pick a few of your favorites and sell the rest.


  • Doesn’t fit:  I’m all about optimism, but if it hasn’t fit in two years… its time to say goodbye. Let someone who fits into it have it, okay?
  • Don’t wear it: If you haven’t worn it in over a year, its time to donate it.
  • Bargain brands: Most consignment stores won’t take clothes from brands like Old Navy or Target, even if they’re in great shape! These are great to donate.


  • Stained: If the professionals haven’t been able to get the stain out, its permanent. Toss.
  • Broken: Bags with broken zippers, torn straps… If its an investment piece, you can try to get it fixed. But otherwise, say goodbye.
  • Cheap: How many Old Navy flip flops do you need? Keep your favorites and toss the rest. They’re not worth selling and probably aren’t in good enough shape to donate.

Personally, I’m more inclined to donate than sell. I am too busy to try to sell things generally – and I love to support my community through my local Goodwill!

Donate to Goodwill and help your community

Did you know that donating one bag of clothing and one bag of books can equal up to 2.3 hours of on-the-job training for someone in your community? Add to that a used lamp, a dusty computer and perhaps a box of DVDs and CDs, and that number nearly doubles to 5.2 hours. A simple item donated to Goodwill® can help provide job training programs, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face other challenges to finding employment. In fact, Goodwill is the leading nonprofit provider of job training programs and career services in the United States and Canada. Thanks to the programs and support services made possible by donations of clothes and household items, more than 261,000 people earned jobs in 2013 – that’s one person finding a job every 27 seconds of every business day.

When you’re cleaning out your closets and switching your clothes for summer, don’t forget your donate pile for Goodwill!

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