Back-to-School Style: 15 Chic Teen Girl Backpacks for Under $30

Yes, it’s hard to believe that despite the beautiful sunny skies and the warm breeze, it’s time to start thinking back-to-school. A great way to plan back-to-school outfit shopping is to start pinning outfits to a Back-To-School Pinterest board. Then they are easy to find while you are shopping!
But one important accessory NOT to forget is the ever-important backpack. This dual-functioning bag needs to not only hold books and writing utensils, it also needs to look good AND not break the bank. Here is our roundup of 15 stylish backpacks for teen girls for under $30:

7.10 Round Up of Stylish Teen Girl Backpacks COLLAGE

  1. (6PM) — $17.99
  2. Unionbay Stars Backpack (Kohl’s) — $15.90
  3. (6PM) — $19.99
  4. (Target) — $24.48
  5. (Target) — $29.99
  6. Unionbay Butterfly Aztec Backpack (Kohl’s) — $24.50
  7. (6PM) — $24.59
  8. (Target) — $29.99
  9. (Target) — $29.99
  10. Unionbay Fox & Owl Backpack (Kohl’s) — $24.50
  11. (Target) — $29.99
  12. (Target) — $29.99
  13. (6PM) — $27.59
  14. Unionbay Aztec Studded Backpack (Kohl’s) — $24.50
  15. (6PM) — $27.99
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