Block Island: Tips and Tricks with Beach House Swim

Block Island is a Rhode Island secret – a little nugget of paradise just a short ferry ride from Newport. We went for the first time a few years ago and we fell instantly in love. We just returned from Block Island last week and it’s just as gorgeous as I remember.

Maybe more so.

Block Island Bound with ATC

We have a few Block Island traditions:

Epic Beach Day. The Block Island beaches are so fabulous, you need at least a full-day beach day! Mansion Beach is tucked away on the north side of the island, but its worth the drive! It has incredible waves for boogie boarding, a gorgeous setting, and it’s just a picture of paradise. It is quite remote, so being everything you need for the day. Bathrooms are a 5-minute drive away, so if you have a toddler, you may want to try a different beach.’

Piling Rocks. On every beach, you’ll discover pillars of carefully stacked round rocks. Your role: Add one to the top without toppling the masterpiece. Our kids build one every trip! 

Eating Seafood.  Finn’s Seafood Restaurant in Old Harbor is often packed, but totally worth the wait. At Finn’s, you cannot beat  the 1¼-pound lobster with corn on the cob for under $20 – although the oyster bar is pretty incredible, too. We usually hit REbecca’s for lunch on Water Street for lunch, since they have great sandwiches for the kids (who don’t want to eat seafood every meal for some weird reason).

The Ice Cream Place. It really is THE place to get ice cream on Block Island. And you MUST spring for a freshly made waffle come. Trust me, its worth it! 

Breakfast at Harborside Inn. The gorgeous porch faces the harbor, so our kids love to watch the ferries coming in and out of the harbor. The food is very good and prices are really reasonable – you can get a huge platter of pancakes for around $7 that is big enough for two or three kids to share.

Bathing suits all day. We literally get into our bathing suits when we wake up and don’t change out until dinnertime. The casual, laid-back atmosphere of Block Island calls for it, but we’ve stumbled upon so many cool little places to swim or explore, that we’ve gotten in the habit of just keeping them on all day.

So a comfortable suit it KEY for a trip to Block Island. This last trip, I wore the Block Island Buffy A-Line Bandini swimsuit by Beach House Swim!

beach house swim

Finding a cute swimsuit that actually fits, stays put AND is comfortable is no small victory! And Beach House Swim delivers big time. Beach House is a nautical, Americana-inspired swimsuit line that focuses on comfort and support.

They’re so well made – the material is strong and thick while not being super hot. It cute enough for showing off, but not so cute that it’s no longer practical. It held up to long days of boogie boarding, body surfing and even kayaking. (It even stayed in place when I totally wiped out on the boogie board, which my kids thought was hilarious.)

Beach House Swim cute swimsuit


Get one for yourself – prices are great now at the end of the season and All Things Chic readers can use code AllChic25 for to receive 25% off your order from Beach House Swim!


Disclosure: All Things Chic received complimentary product to test out. All opinions are our own.

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  1. All of that. My family would just copy what you did. Related: THAT SUIT. I LOVE it. Love!

  2. what a cute get-a-way spot! Block Island looks likes a wonderful place to build beautiful memories with your family! Love the swim suit btw.

  3. Block Island has been on my bucket list for sometime now and I cannot believe summer is almost over. I am totally going to use these tips for next summer for sure!

  4. My beach loving crew would love Block Island! What a great overview of all the best things to do ~ definitely adding this to our Must Visit list =)

  5. Oh – gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to go – it’s only a few hour drive. Block Island just got bumped up to the top of my list again.

  6. Bathing suits all day? I’m sold! What a beautiful place. Totally on my must visit list now. 🙂