Finding your Inner Athlete: Going for the Gold this Summer

Last year, I was barely working out. Occasionally hitting the gym, but not really seriously. But for about a year now, I’ve been ramping up my fitness routines and really seeing an amazing difference in how I look and how I feel!

It started small – I signed up for a small group personal training class at my local gym – with a  small group I HAD to show up! That motivation definitely worked for me! Then, my neighbor talked me into signing up for a Learn to Row class and I fell in love with rowing.

Learning to Row

One of the first things I noticed when I launched into this new fitness routine was how vital it was to keep my body nourished. With the increased exercise, I needed to make sure I was feeding my body right! And all nutritional supplements are NOT created equal!! I loved the TRUE ATHLETE line by the Vitamin Shoppe. These sports nutrition supplements were created for fitness enthusiasts and is free of artificial colors, flavors, and banned substances. Rowing is incredibly demanding on my body. I usually drink enjoy a smoothie for breakfast to keep it light while giving me tons of energy – their Natural Whey Protein Packets are perfect! B I love the Energized Training Formula, designed for serious muscle, endurance, performance and energy support. Before we start, I drink the Energized Training Formula, designed for serious muscle, endurance, performance, and energy support so I can get through my whole 2-hour row without running out of steam!  ZMA With Theanine is perfect after a workout to help you build muscle strength, but also to help fight the effects of exercise-induced stress, and to promote rest and recovery.

VItamin Shoppe

Whether I’m out on the water or in the gym, JUST® water is ideal. It’s 100% spring water in a paper-based bottle made of 83% renewable resources by using paper and plant-based plastic from sugarcane, resulting in a 74% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a range of traditional plastic bottles. And at just $.99? Have a bunch hanging around to grab on the go!

Just Water

Having the right equipment as far as my clothes is just as important as fueling my body! I’ve been wearing workout tights – the 2XU Mid-Rise 7/8 Compression Tights have graduated compression engineered to promote maximum blood flow, resulting in faster pre-exercise muscle warm up, reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation and reduced muscle soreness. They’re comfy with a power comfort wide waistband for a sleek and streamlined fit that doesn’t dig into your stomach. Get 20 % off purchase with code 2XU20!

2xu compression tights

And, of course, working out is no excuse not to look adorable! My patriotic color blocked red, white and blue Baby-G is a summer must-have, from water and shock resistance perfect for rowing to stopwatch and countdown timers ideal for practice! And it’s super adorable to boot!


And after a hard workout, a little pampering is just what the doctor ordered! Loving Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin at-home facial!  This portable five-step facial treatment kit comes with (1) foam cleanser, (2) ampoule, (3) bio-cellulous sheet mask, (4) facial cream, and (5) neck cream in one neat packet so that you can enjoy facials whenever and wherever you want! (Its even TSA friendly for travel!)

Going for the Gold Babbleboxx

I’m loving discovering my inner athlete — who’s with me?


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