Travel Friendly Brush Cleaner

Confession: I am terrible at remembering to clean my makeup brushes.  And usually use dish soap and water when I do.  Sometimes vinegar.  I haven’t regularly used a brush cleaning product in quite some time, but decided to invest in a travel cleaner as my brushes get all jumbled together in my makeup bag during trips.  After reading reviews, I added Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Travel cleaner to my Sephora order and gave it a tryout the other night!


The result?  A great buy for a great price!  The little canister makes it easy to clean your brushes on the go – just pour, dip and wipe on a clean towel or tissue.

makeupcleanerThat’s it!  No rinsing or vigorous scrubbing.

The only con of this product is that the tin is a bit small for some of my bigger brushes – like my foundation and HD powder brush, but it works perfectly for eye shadow and bronzer brushes.  I LOVE the vanilla smell of the product, it’s refreshing and light.  And that the cleaner really did remove a lot of product from my brushes (not to mention all that unwanted bacteria!)  Sephora sells the kit for only $8 – so it’s definitely a great little steal to add to your travel bag.

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