An Honest Review: Bath Time Products for Kids!

Bath time is a nightly ritual in our house.  Nothing signals bedtime more than a warm bath followed by some quiet time with books.  My three year old actually prefers showers nowadays, but occasionally will sneak into the tub with his two month old brother.  Regardless of if a shower or bath is being taken, one thing remains consistent – Honest products are used!  After I (yes me! Not the kids) had a reaction to some other bath time kids products, I made the switch to Honest products and we’ve been using them ever since!  I love that they are gentle, tear-free and score a “1” on EWG’s scale.

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When we first tried Honest, the only available scent was the Orange Vanilla, which my husband loved but I found a little too fruity.  Since then, two more scents have been introduced: Lavender and Apricot.  The lavender is by FAR my favorite, subtle and calming.  Perfect for the nighttime, wind-down bath.  I always fill the tub with warm water and a little bit of bubble bath, before washing my boys with the shampoo/body-wash (Honest just changed the design of their shampoo bottle to a pump making it even easier to use!)

You can snag some of these products at Target, but we actually subscribe to the bundle at – which saves us anywhere from $3-$5 off each product.  It’s $35/bundle, which includes 5 products of your choice.  Unlike other bundle subscription sites, you can change the ship date of your bundle and you only pay for bundles that ship!  So some months I need two bundles and some months I don’t get one at all!  You cannot beat that type of flexibility and savings!


disclaimer: i wasn’t compensated financially or provided any products to review.  i actually use these products and just wanted to share how much i love them!

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