Best Plus Size Dresses For Different Body Types

Any woman knows that most designers – for any size – design in a bubble. What looks good in a sketch is not necessarily going to work on a body. And what works for your neighbor probably won’t work on you. Now let’s add plus size dresses to that, and the chances of a flattering fit drop yet again. Do they even know any real women?

While frustrated dress shopping is an experience we all share, today I’m reaching out to the plus size among us. It’s listed as one category, but we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all or one-shape-flatters-all. So let’s break it down a step further by finding the best plus size dresses for different body types.

Hourglass Body Types

An hourglass body type has a more defined waist with larger hips and bust. You don’t have to be the requisite 36-26-36 or any other pre-defined size to qualify s hourglass. The combination of bust and hips with a clear waist creates the curves at any size. So hug them tight!

Sexy red dress hugs all the right curves. Many hourglass types don’t have to hide a thing. Embrace them!    The dropped shoulders and short hem on this gold and black dress enhances the hourglass shape, while the bronze and pattern create a more forgiving look. This makes it a great choice for more varied hourglass types.

If you’re trying to create an hourglass shape or enhance one, a color blocking dress creates a clearer waist is a great choice.

Fruity Body Types

 It’s getting a bit tired, comparing ourselves to fruits and other random objects, but it’s still a shared language and can make shopping a bit easier. So we can handle being fruity body types if designers can make clothes that fit us well!

For pear types, that carry weight on hips without so much bust, Go for a high neck and flowing cut on top to create more volume, then balance it by showing off your lower assets with a fitted skirt. This red dress hits all the right spots.

For apple types that tend to be a bit boxier or rounded, you want to create a waist while embracing the rest of your curves. This floor length gown can go formal or more casual, creates a waist without binding it up, and the pleating in the length allow for a flowing silhouette rather than a tight, uncomfortable hug.  For a less formal option, this knee-length enhances your bust with a higher neck and creates its own flowing, flattering lines.

Busty Body Types

No matter your all-over shape, a busty figure can be challenging to dress. High necks draw too much attention. Low necks need to give room for a supportive bra, and on it goes. In this neutral shift dress good for any occasion, you can enjoy a covered but flattering neckline while working with nearly any body shape. Belt it to create a waist or let it hang free for a casual, easy-wear tunic effect.

And we love this sleeveless dress for wide shoulders and a just-right-V that allow for a great bra without covering it all up.

How do you like to describe your body type, and do you see it represented well in your fashion choices?

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