Visiting Everglades National Park with Kids

We couldn’t visit South Flordia without stopping into Everglades National Park. It spans 1.5 million acres and is full of watery grasslands and tons of wildlife. We visited in April and it was perfect – not too hot and humid yet and a little cloudy to make hiking more comfortable. The kids really enjoyed it. We certainly don’t see wildlife like THIS is Rhode Island!

A few tips to make the most of Everglades National Park with the kids:

1. Walk the Anhinga Trail: If you can only do one thing, hike the mile-long Anghinga Trail. If you want to see gators in the wild (Of course you do. You’re in the Everglades.), the Anhinga Trail is your best bet. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk along the boardwalks for alligators, turtles, herons, vultures, egrets, anhingas (the trail’s namesake bird) and fish. (Stroller friendly)

2. Take the trolley into the park: If you’re entering Everglades National Park from the south in Homestead, consider a day trip aboard the Homestead National Parks Trolley. The free guided trolley ride is offered on the weekends and includes a park ranger is on board to guide you as you ride into the park. This is a terrific option when you only have one day to see as much as possible – without having to drive and miss all the scenery!

3. Prepare for the weather: Even off-season, it can get buggy. Make sure you come prepared with bug spray, plenty of water and sun protection. Comfy shoes are a good idea too – there are great, easy trails that can introduce your kids to hiking.

4. Become a Junior Ranger: Junior Ranger programs are so fun for kids! You can pick up the packet at any visitor’s center and it’s filled with great activities to guide your day, like Junior Ranger Bingo, word searches and trivia.

5. Bring your Passport: Get your National Park Passport stamps in the Visitors Center.

6. Don’t be like my husband. Be safe, folks.

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