Goodwill Give Back Box

Christmas is such an enchanting time of year. Your stockings are hung by the chimney with care, sleigh bells ring, the snow is glistening. Families are brought together from near and far. For the most part, everyone is filled with the yuletide cheer (unless you are out doing some last-minute … [Read more...]

#BeUnderstood during Learning Disabilities (LD) Awareness Month

In the U.S., 1 in 5 children struggles with brain-based learning and attention issues that affect reading, writing, math, focus and organization. These issues are a lot more common than most people think, and while learning and attention issues may not be as visible as other health issues, they’re … [Read more...]

November is National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. We often think of adoption as new babies being welcomed into a new family. But the truth is, there are many older kids who need a forever family. In the adoption community, this idea is very important, because older children and youth still have many big … [Read more...]

Envisage: A Natural Solution to Aging Skin

As we age, our skin goes with us. It's something we gripe about often, am I right? As each year rolls by and the responsibilities of life and parenting pile up on top of the fun memories and days spent in the sun, my skin has become decreasingly supple and wrinkles have begun to emerge. Bummer, … [Read more...]

Support World Stroke Day #StrokeChat

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death and the leading preventable case of disability in the US. Each year, about 800,000 Americans suffer a new or recurrent stroke. Furthermore, someone in the world has a stroke every 2 seconds. And while 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime, 1 … [Read more...]

Discover the Forest this weekend!

We make a huge effort to get our kids outdoors every day - even if its just to walk the dog! Children who play outside are more creative, have lower stress levels and more active imaginations. They also become fitter and leaner, develop stronger immune systems, and have greater respect for … [Read more...]

Isagenix Cleanse Day Tips

Isagenix has been an easy way to shed pounds for me. The Shake Days are a piece of cake - but let's be real - Cleanse Days are hard. Especially as a mom, who still has to feed her family, they can be a real struggle. But they really are key to optimal fat and weight loss, not to mention health. … [Read more...]

Child Safety Passenger Week #TheRightSeat

The number one goal of parents is twofold: raising their kids right AND keeping their kids safe. Amazingly, it's a hard thing to do in this day and age! As a parent, I take very seriously keeping my kids safe, particularly when we are driving.   Did you know: motor vehicle crashes are a … [Read more...]

Adopt-A-Cat Month with Shelter Pet Project

Of all the pets in American homes, only 29% were adopted from a shelter or rescue. Can you believe how low that number is? Each year approximately 3-4 million pets are adopted, but 2.7 million still lose their lives each year for lack of a home. Seventeen million people will acquire a pet … [Read more...]