Best of Beauty :: Calgon… Take Me Away!

Look what arrived on my doorstep this past week. BOY DID I NEED THIS! I was way beyond "Calgon, take me away." I was "Calgon, get me the HECK outta here!" Serious aromatherapy was needed, folks. The Refreshing Body Mist is yummy. Mine is Berry Refreshing and its lovely. It has a very light … [Read more...]

50% off Top Beauty Products at

If you haven't heard of Plum District, it's like Groupon but targeted towards women/moms.  They usually have pretty good deals and I've purchased several from them and have been pleased. Yesterday I was looking for a deal and guess what showed up in my inbox from Plum District this … [Read more...]

Scents of the Season

This time of year is all about hunkering down with your loved ones, sipping on hot apple cider and carving pumpkins. Fall has a smell too, something crisp and distinct. Something sweet and homey--like cinnamon, firewood, and fallen leaves. And though we can't bottle that delicious, nostalgic scent … [Read more...]

Wonderstruck | A Fragrance by Taylor Swift

My girls are super dooper excited for this fragrance, being giant Taylor Swift fans. But I have to admit, I'm intrigued as well! Wonderstruck is a blend of some of my favorite scents: freesia, raspberry, vanilla, honeysuckle, and sandalwood. Sounds like a grown up fragrance to me! I can't wait to … [Read more...]

Shine by Heidi Klum

Super mom Heidi Klum just launched her first perfume, Shine. For her first perfume, Heidi "wanted what I felt my staple would be," she says. "I wanted it to be sensual and feminine, but still luxurious and expensive smelling... I didn't want something that was super-sweet. I wanted sensual. That was … [Read more...]

New Fragrance Obsession: Chanel No 19

I've never worn Chanel perfume. I've tried it, and its always seemed too much for me - until today. I spritzed on Chanel N° 19, which was just rereleased. SWOON!! It is heavenly. When my current bottle of perfume is gone, it will be replaced with this. An unexpected marriage of … [Read more...]

Bottega Veneta’s Debut Fragrance Coming to Neiman Marcus on September 11

Last week Melissa and I attended a Stylist Luncheon to kick off the Fall 2011 Trends and experience eight new fragrances exclusive to Neiman Marcus. We had great fun finding out about the newest, cutting edge beauty products and testing the new scents. I particularly enjoyed learning about the … [Read more...]

Try it Out: Gel Mani/Pedi

I'm a summer pedi kinda girl. I'm not sure why, because I love a pedicure, and they feel spectacular - maybe I should consider giving them a try all year 'round, no? Anyway. When my brother got married at the end of Spring, I went for a pedi {my first of the season} and decided on the … [Read more...]

Review: Mustela Stretch Mark Cream

When I found out I was pregnant, I was completely overjoyed. I couldn't wait to embark upon a new chapter in my life with my husband, and it's all I can do not to purposely induce labor to get this little guy here more quickly than he's supposed to be {don't worry, I won't}. After the excitement … [Read more...]