A Beauty Blogger Writes Fiction

Nowhere is it written, that if you blog, you cannot be creative in other forms of writing. Sara Bartlett, pro-blogger from Bombshell Beauty is not the type of person to be boxed into one creative outlet. This month she released her first book of fiction from the Bombshell Blogroll series which will … [Read more...]

Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

A Quick Reference Guide You look at your calendar and realize a loved one has a wedding anniversary coming up. You have no idea what to get them. Here is a quick reference guide on traditional gift ideas for specific anniversary years that you can print off. There is a small section for your … [Read more...]

Wear This, Toss That

I was recently offered the opportunity to review Wear This, Toss That!, a fashion and beauty style guide, if you will, from style advisor Amy E. Goodman. It's a new release (out today, Feb. 22!) that is, according to the press release that accompanied the book, "the quintessential guide for women … [Read more...]

Best Beauty Review Book

Photo by Insolense Do you have one of those drawers in your bathroom that...well, honestly, you're a little scared to reach into? You know the one that's overflowing with beauty blunders of every kind...the mascaras that flake off after an hour; the lipsticks that make you look like a clown; the … [Read more...]

And this is why I wear make-up…

In September, I received samples of Dr. Michelle Copeland's Skin Care line to review. I gave you my initial thoughts then, and having used up the products, I'll share with you my full product review now. They sent me products to help with acne, dark circles under my eyes, and general skin … [Read more...]

gift guide: fashionable knowledge.

Know someone who LOVES fashion but aren't quite sure what to get them for the holidays?  Just because they love clothes, doesn't mean that's all you can buy them.  Why not supplement their fashion addiction with monthly magazines such as:  InStyle, Vogue,  Lucky, … [Read more...]

Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care

Last week, Dr. Michelle Copeland Skin Care sent me travel-size products of their line to review for you, dear Chic Critique readers! I received their Daily Cleanser, Daily Normalizing Toner, and Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, along with their Advanced Acne Solution, Rewind Eye Formula, and Pigment … [Read more...]

Product Hopping Blues

One of the perks of writing for my own women's blog and several others is I get to try a lot of health and beauty products for free. Though I appreciate this job, I've noticed one downfall of subjecting my face to various formulas: My skin hates it! The glowing, creamy skin that I once had is … [Read more...]

Making Over America

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ideas to take your style up a notch or ways to kick up a tired wardrobe. There are a multitude of magazines offering advice on such subjects, but I tend to like it better when I can see the transformation in action. Enter Trinny Woodall … [Read more...]