Casual Chic Mom :: Chic Blog of the Week

I only recently found Casual Chic Mom - and instantly loved it. She has great recipes, great stories and great style!! I've been coming back to her lovely site every week for a dose of casual style. I completely agree with her fashion philosophy: " I feel better when I'm well dressed and all made … [Read more...]

Blush Mamas :: Chic Blog of the Week

I found Blush Mamas a few months ago and its a site I come back to every week! Jodi does an amazing job of mixing beauty tips, fashion and family into a great site. She has great beauty tips every week that are a must read! Jodi is a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist, so her expertise … [Read more...]

Magnolia Grace :: Chic Blog of the Week

Magnolia Grace - talk about eye candy! Her outfits are pretty, her nails are polished and her instagram stream is divine. "One of the best parts of my day is when someone compliments me on an outfit," she says. "I’m a girl with sweet, simple and elegant style. I like to mix more expensive pieces … [Read more...]

Rachel the Hat :: Chic Blog of the Week

The lovely Rachel is one of our Chic Bloggers from across the pond - her blog, Rachel the Hat, is so gorgeous I want to hop on a plane to England and go shopping with her! Her take on fashion is so inspiring: "Outfits are like my art work.. I can not paint, draw or do any crafts, so for me, … [Read more...]

Flats 2 Flip Flops :: CHIC Blog of the Week

I just love Ashley's site, Flats to Flip Flops. She is totally adorable and she seems to have that gift of looking fabulous without trying too hard. Not to mention her site name is awesome. I always love to visit her site, where I know I'll see not just great outfit ideas,but learn about the many … [Read more...]

Modestly Chic :: Chic Blog of the Week

The lovely Paola of Modestly Chic had me at that clever name. I love it! Her site is devoted to helping women dress totally trendy while still remaining modest. Her tagline is divine - "Keeping your heels, head and standards high" - how cute is that?  And she has great style - I love her Frumpy to … [Read more...]

Knocked Up Fabulous :: Chic Blog of the Week

You've heard of Knocked Up Fabulous, right? If not, then you should! Meet April: wife, mommy, and primary teacher. She has a fabulous style and her site is a gem. It makes me wish I was pregnant again. Almost. Just kidding. Whether April is currently knocked up or not, her style hasn't dimmed … [Read more...]

Jugging Chic : Chic Blog of the Week

Meet Mandi, the delightful and adorable lady behind Juggling Chic. She is a mom of 3 (including a new little one), is a teacher AND she always looks amazing! Her style is classics with a trendy twist -  and she manages to keep it affordable by being a thrifting superstar!! She inspired me to start … [Read more...]

Style-Delights :: Chic Blog of the Week

I found Style-Delights a few weeks ago and quickly fell in love with Jyoti and her adorable blog! I love her style - if she lived nearby, I would want her to be my shopping buddy!  Jyoti says, "I started Style-Delights to combine my passions of writing, fashion and shopping! I see countless fashion … [Read more...]