Jambu: Stylish Shoes Ready for Adventure

We love to hike and camp and bike and rock climb and explore and let me tell you - finding cute shoes that can also handle the outdoors is no easy task.   Most of them are none too pretty. I hate heavy hiking boots, but most sneakers just can’t cut it on the trail. When we’re camping, I love … [Read more...]

Outfit Ideas for Holiday Photos from Old Navy

Once a year, you have the opportunity to showcase your family by sending holiday photos to friends and family near and far. It's best you get it right! Coordinating outfits for the entire family can take a lot of work (and a degree in textiles or fashion doesn't hurt). We're taking the guesswork out … [Read more...]

Yes, You Can Look Amazing in Snow Boots

For some, snow boots may be a style choice. For most of us, they're a winter necessity. Sadly, too many cute snow boots fail at protecting your feet from the cold, wet, white stuff. These boots from Santana Canada are different. With a leather and nylon outer, thermal insoles and a waterproof … [Read more...]

Family Photo Shoot Ideas from Kohls

It's holiday photo shoot season, and the word of the day is: COORDINATION. Holiday photo standards are at an all time high, with photographers bringing their A-game to every shoot. If mixing and matching clothing is not your forte, here are great outfit ideas from Kohls! Father's … [Read more...]

Fall Layering Three Ways at Target

The word in fall fashion: LAYERING. Not only is it practical, with the ever-changing temperatures, but it also just looks sharp. Another bonus of layering: you can start with 2 or 3 simple pieces, and by adding a few choice accessories, you can build several fabulous outfits. Check out how one … [Read more...]

Get Your Fall Boot On with Shoebuy

For fall, my number one wish list item? Black boots. I looked in my closet and realized I had 5 pairs of brown boots. And NO black boots. So I needed to fix this. Clearly, my closet could not be so unbalanced, right? First up? Some classic riding boots. The kind everyone needs in their closet. … [Read more...]

Comfort & Style: Chic Shoe Giveaway with Jambu

I'd heard a buzz forming around innovative shoe brand, Jambu, but hadn't yet bitten the bullet. To be honest, the concept seemed too good to be true -- features like all-terrain and hiking-ready, vegan, and new, exclusive-technology traction? These seemed to spell "not that cute," until I scoped the … [Read more...]

Mix & Match Style: Old Navy Fall Style

We love getting bang for our buck. And one of the best places to get stretch those dollars is Old Navy. They’ve got a great lineup for fall, and the prices are nice. Mix and match these pieces for a wardrobe that will last you all season long! Bootcut Dark Wash Jeans -- $19.00 Mid Rise … [Read more...]

20 Fall Boots for Under $35

“It’s the most wonderful time...of the year!” Yes, friends. We’re approaching BOOT SEASON! Whether you are pairing them with transitional styles, like flowy tunic dresses with leggings or fall favorites, like skinny jeans and a cozy sweater, boots make the outfit. And, luckily, you can find some fab … [Read more...]