What to Wear to a Wedding: Late Summer Edition

Who doesn't love getting dressed up to celebrate the nuptials of those we care about? But with sticky August humidity holding strong and early-September heat waves totally plausible, you might have visions of sweaty pits and wrinkled silks in your head. Fret not; this wedding-obsessed gal has been … [Read more...]

Fall Fashionably Forward — The Best Transitional Pieces

There's nothing I love more than digging around the sale racks in the final weeks of August. Just as the kiddos head back to school, but with summer temps still soaring, it's a great time to score steals that you can enjoy for another couple of months before storing till next year. But the ultimate … [Read more...]

blushing bridal gowns

Simple and sweet.  I had never really been a fan of blush gowns - they seemed too non-traditional, trying to break from the norm for me.  Bridal attire should be white, white, white!  But in all fairness, until recently, I hadn't seen one in person - only in magazines or splashed all over … [Read more...]

Get the Perfect Wedding Day Smile with Invisalign

When you're planning  your wedding, remember to think about your smile! According to a recent survey, brides will take an average of 342 photos documenting everything from their engagement to their vows. If you're insecure about your smile, now is the time! 92 percent of brides said a smile is the … [Read more...]

Favorite Formal Gowns

Inspired by the lovely gowns at the Emmy's, I started daydreaming a bit about what I would wear to a formal event this fall. (If I wasn't hugely pregnant, that is...) Perhaps this gorgeous satin jersey capelet gown from Ann Taylor? Didn't have time to fit in three million tricep curls before … [Read more...]

Best Dressed at Any Wedding: You.

It's that season, ladies, and there are so many fresh styles that work for wedding attire. We all know that wearing white is unacceptable, but what are the other guidelines to follow? What's too sexy, what's too boring? And what, pray tell, is black tie-optional? As a bride myself, I can tell you … [Read more...]

The Lost Art of Dressing: Hats

Did you read this article on CBSNews.com? It's about Professor Linda Przybyszewski who teaches a class called "A Nation of Slobs" at the University of Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana. I'm not sure which of her quotes is my favorite: "I think style just moved toward simplicity, and eventually … [Read more...]

Plus Size Bridal at Kiyonna

Weddings are stressful enough, you should not have the added strain of finding a dress. Shopping online for a plus size bridal dress is easier than ever. The Bridal Boutique at Kiyonna is celebrating the simplicity of summer brides with their long and short wedding dress options that will not break … [Read more...]

Paperless Post now has Save the Dates!

Paperless Post is the chicest of e-vites and now the online stationary site is adding Save The Dates to their wedding line!! There are lots of styles to tell your guests about your big day. An even bigger bonus is that you can also now send the same card to different people on your guest list … [Read more...]