Fashion Friday: Valentine’s Date Night

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovelies! Hope you all have something lovely planned for Valentine's Day - whether its a fancy-dancy dinner or dinner and a movie at home, make it special! Date Attire:   Valentine's Date Night! by allthingschic featuring christian louboutin pumps dress | top, … [Read more...]

Sexy Shapewear? It DOES exist!

Shapewear is usually totally unattractive. As in seriously unattractive. We all acknowledge it, but we wear it anyway! But there are some FABULOUSLY sexy options out there! Really - check them out: Kayla Teddie by Yummie Tummie, $98 Chantilly Lace Body Suit by Spanx, $198 Chic Peek Camisole by … [Read more...]

Leading Lady Bra Review

A bra is a necessary part of a plus size woman's wardrobe no matter what her cup size is. Because of this, the bra industry makes a very lucrative allowance off of us. The down side is that most of us do not change out our bras as often as we should and we do not have as many in our boudoir as we … [Read more...]

Hot and Practical: Real Girl Underwear

I'm not sure about you, but when I was younger the only thing I paid attention to about my underwear was how cute they were. Now that I'm older and my life has more depth (and my clothes have less material at the waist and a tighter fit in the bum), I have to think about panty lines and … [Read more...]

SPANX: A Girl’s Best Friend

Please tell me you have at least one pair of Spanx. Everyone - no matter how slim and trim they are - needs a good pair of Spanx in their fashion arsenal. Sometimes not your clothes that are making you look bad.  Repeat after me: "Embrace the Spanx. Spanx are your friend." Spanx is on every … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Leggings

Can we talk about leggings for a minute? Because, like every other fashion trend, I am totally late to the game on these. And with summer rolling up right around the corner, I'm liking the thought of capri leggings to go with some of my shorter summer dresses. Because, let's face it: a lady reaches … [Read more...]

Smooth Profile

I have a problem with "shapewear." I can't breathe. Breathing, you know, that can be kinda important. I've tried on so many different kinds and they all have problems for me. First of all, anything constricting, no matter how good the brand, I find is very uncomfortable.  [Maybe I have sensory … [Read more...]

V-Day Gift Guide: Lingerie

Looking for the perfect gift for the husband this Valentine's Day? How about letting him unwrap his favorite thing - you! There are tons of styles in all sorts of price ranges. Frankly, comfort isn't a huge factor, since these things usually aren't worn very long anyway. AHEM. Its what you're … [Read more...]

review: hanes panties

One of my goals for this year is to replace all of my underthings. I'm sure you were just dying to know that. But I encourage you to do the same. Underthings are the foundation of your wardrobe and they very often get ignored. It seems like its not a big deal, but you'll be amazed at how … [Read more...]