some fashion resolutions for you

I'd sure love to have a new look for the new year. But for most of us, a new wardrobe, a personal stylist and a $500 haircut are not at our disposal to update our looks. So let's look at some practical ways for us to update our looks for the new year: Underthings Sometimes, its not your … [Read more...]

workout gear

Its New Years Resolution time! So everyone has resolved to exercise more, right? And we can certainly look cute while we we're working out, right? I love Nina Dobrev's running outfit! She looks sleek and comfy in her UnderArmor long-sleeved shirt and Escape Short (which even have a hidden … [Read more...]


If your family is like mine, you end up with lots of pictures of everyone sitting around the tree on Christmas morning in their jammies. (So we're not talking Victoria's Secret here, if you catch my drift.) But the regular miss-matched crazy things I drag out of my pajama drawer … [Read more...]

color match: shapewear that’s truly invisible

I was contacted recently about a new line of shapewear (a mom's secret weapon to not looking like a mom!) called Color Match. I don't know about you all, but the "nude" intimates are never even close to my skintone. So when you wear them with white tops, you can still see them! … [Read more...]

review: Hanes ComfortFlex Fit Bandini Bra

I recently was given Hanes new ComfortFlex Fit bandini Bra at a Hanes event and was excited to try it out. My stash of bras that are actually comfortable is seriously lacking of late. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age. I did turn 32 last week. Next up? Dentures. What they say: Adjusts … [Read more...]

You Raise Me Up

Summer is just about here, and that means tank tops and halters, tissue tees and all kinds of other cute tops. We talked a few weeks ago about how to dress a larger bust. Looking good on top is all about making the right choices, and there is another important one that you need to make, … [Read more...]

Hide Annoying Bra Straps

My daughters and I love wearing tank tops in the summer. They are comfortable, light weight and allow you to get a little sun. What I don't like about wearing tank tops is they always show my bra straps - this was the rage a year or so ago, that I never jumped into, and neither have my … [Read more...]

The best nursing bra EVER.

So, one last word about maternity clothing and then I'll find something else to talk about. (Promise.) (Although, okay, this doesn't quite fit in the maternity clothing category, but close enough.) I'm going to share with you fellow expectant (and nursing) moms the world's best nursing bra, … [Read more...]


I don't know about you, but I'm always in search of miraculous undergarments to hold my post-childbearing body together. I'm what you'd call thin-limbed, but that means that I carry all my weight in my midsection. BLERGH. I've written about several shapewear pieces over the last year or so … [Read more...]