Gigy: For the Musical Kid in Your Life

After listening to a friend sing with her guitar around the campfire, she was determined to learn to play. We found a used ukulele and now she's learning. (Its so adorable. I want to learn to!) A video posted by Melissa Angert (@melissaangert) on Aug 8, 2016 at 7:00pm PDT She is loving … [Read more...]

Math Fun for FREE with this Online Resource for Grades 1 and 2 – #UMIGO

School has been a real struggle in our house this year. Our first grader, Colin, was diagnosed with a learning difference one year ago and is getting lots of reading and math intervention at school. He made amazing progress over the school year, but we have been really worrying about how to prevent … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Corolle for Every Age

We're huge Corolle fans around here! I just love how they have created dolls for every age, so there is always a perfect gift for everyone on your list! FOR THE MAMA TO BE: Surprise the new mama with a gift for the new bebe! Grenadine Mini Miss is soft and huggable, ideally sized for … [Read more...]

Corolle: Give Gifts that Last a Lifetime

We have so many toys. We have toys coming out of our ears. I'm not even kidding. They're everywhere. I'd say perhaps 10% of them get played with weekly. Eliza plays with her dragons. (We're into dragons now! Thank you, Tolkien!) Colin loves to play with cars. But Grace… Grace has her dolls. Since … [Read more...]

Mabel’s Labels

Getting everything together for daycare can sometimes be a challenge.  And then even when we think we have all our stuff together, we get home and my kid has someone else's shoes on. Or we ended up with a sippy cup that looks almost exactly-but-not-quite-the-same as ours because let's face it: our … [Read more...]

Staples is making our Back to School Smoother with Technology

When we're getting ready for back to school, its easy to focus on the obvious - school supplies, new shoes, and backpacks. But this year, we also prepped my son with amazing learning apps on his new Kindle Fire HD.  Now when he comes home from school (exhausted and ready for some quiet time) he … [Read more...]

Personalize your Lundby Dollhouse

We absolutely love our Lundby dollhouse. Its one of our favorite toys - Gracie plays with it more than any other toy in our playroom. Lundby doll houses are typical examples of modern dream homes – in miniature format: 1:18 scale. All of their houses are based on the same fundamental belief – that … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean

I won't lie.  There's been times we've been delayed five minutes getting out the door JUST because we're hunting down a travel pack of wipes as opposed to the refill wipes.  Oh, you weren't aware there was a difference?  Become a parent and you learn that one does not equal the other.  The Huggies … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Roshambo Baby Sunglasses

When I shop for my baby girl, I usually try to buy from businesses that meet certain guidelines. So when I discovered ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses, I was impressed, because this business met and exceeded every single one. Are these products safe for my baby? Check. ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses are … [Read more...]