ATC Favorite: Sock-Ons

What are Sock-Ons? Glad you asked. They're clever little things that keep baby socks on. I saw this little ad last summer and knew I had to try them out so I ordered a three-pack in the 0-6 month size last fall. They have worked so well that I had to order the 6-12 month size just a few … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Spring Cleaning

Its time to carve out an afternoon or evening into your schedule to get your closet ready for spring! Have to make room for all those new spring fashions, right? Its time to be brutal, folks. Really take a look at what is taking up space in your closet and what you really … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Sticky Bellies Milestone Stickers for Moms and Babies

Everyone said it would happen, but I can't believe how fast time has just blown by. My little princess is about to turn 4 months old! I've been taking monthly photos with the intention of digitally adding on a text of the appropriate month. But sometimes it's hard to remember which month is … [Read more...]


I've been searching for years for a chic way to display a chore chart. There really isn't one. Well, there isn't one that I could make and didn't cost $100. I didn't want a chart or something that would take up my whole fridge. I didn't want something ugly or that would be really obtrusive. … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: BabiCorolle

The BabiCorolle line by Corolle dolls is designed for babies from birth and up. Corolle's super-soft dolls are perfect for baby! BabiCorolle first soft dolls have sweetly expressive faces that will captivate and soothe baby and all Babi Corolle first soft dolls are designed with multiple "handles" … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: Corolle for Every Age

As you know, we love Corolle dolls in our household. Even my son!  One thing I adore about thi sbrand is how they have created dolls for every age, so there is always a perfect gift. UNDER ONE YEAR: BabiCorolle has tons of options - but my favorite by far are the Lilis First Dolls. These … [Read more...]

ATC Finds: Zylie the Bear

You know how we love to travel, right? So we're always looking for ways to incorporate this love into our everyday. And we've been thrilled with Zylie the Bear! Zylie is beautifully made 18" stuffed bear that comes  full dressed in high quality clothes.  Her lovely jacket is wool lined with … [Read more...]

Our Generation: Me & You Outfit Sets

Our Generation just introduced these DARLING Me & You Outfit sets! They make just the sweetest gift for your little doll-obsessed one! My Gracie and her My Generation doll, Sadie, love their matching pink dresses. Me & You Outfits come in 6 varieties - from casual to dressy and the … [Read more...]

Lundby Dollhouse: Fun is in the Details

Our Lundby dollhouse has arrived... and we are IN LOVE! Gracie (and I) are just loving this fun, stylish dollhouse and all of its fun accessories. Check it out: Lundby doll houses are typical examples of modern dream homes – in miniature format: 1:18 scale. All of their houses are based on … [Read more...]