The jimmyCASE: An Ingenius Invention for Busy Parents

I'm absolutely gushing over my new iPhone case, and not only for its sleek yet artisinal design, either. Created to solve a common problem so many of us have, the jimmyCASE is a parent's dream come true. How many times have you found yourself out and about with way too much of your own junk on … [Read more...]

Shark Rotator Power Lift Away Review

This spring, our allergies have been fierce. Maybe its because of the rough winter? Who knows. All I know is I have to dust and vacuum almost daily around here or my whole family is sneezing up a storm. So its no surprise that our vacuum went kaput. Luckily, I was contacted by the nice folks at … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: SentoSphere

These days it is almost impossible to buy cool gifts for tweens. Craft kids tend to be too lame, toys are too young, clothes are too risky. I cry uncle and go with a gift card (to a bookstore, of course, to be encourage educational choices). Then we discovered Sentosphère and we now gave a new … [Read more...]

Hardwood Cleaning Solution: Swiffer Steamboost

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. Now that winter is upon us, I have discovered a challenge in our new house: Keeping our hardwood floors clean! Our new place doesn't have a mudroom, so everyone is coming in from … [Read more...]

Save Your Hands with Casabella Gloves

Hot water and harsh chemicals damage our skin and nails, especially at the sink. When washing dishes, the hot water and dish soap weaken fingernails, leading to torn nails and chipped polish, not to mention dried out cuticles. The simple solution is, of course, to wear cleaning gloves. But I've … [Read more...]

No Air, Keep Cool

If the broken air conditioner is getting you down during the hot weather consider cooling your butt and core body temperature with a gel cooling pad. I first came across them on display in a home health care store. I thought the concept was cool (pun intended) but a bit pricey. After a bit of … [Read more...]

Exercising with Your Laptop

Over three years ago when I purchased my Surf Shelf it was over $50. Since then it has gone up in popularity and come down in price ($40). The clear poly-carbonate shelf is just as durable as when I bought it. If you want a simple solution for working on your laptop while exercising then I highly … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery

Anyone who knows me knows I love my Martha! I simply adore her, watch her on tv, read her magazines and try desperately to cook her recipes (with varying degrees of success). Luckily, lately Martha has been coming out with more and more ways to help us mortals reach her Goddess of Organization … [Read more...]

Chic Up Your Everyday with Staples

I am completely obsessed with the Staples Arc Notebook.  I have a secret passion for lists. I make lists constantly. All. Day. Long. To-do lists, grocery lists, lists for work. While I do keep things on my digital calendar, I really need the visual of a paper list to keep myself … [Read more...]