Hi, I’m Pennylove, the wife of a real life Mr. GQ and mother to two fabulous toddler girls. I work full time in the Insurance Industry and sometimes dream of one day writing my own cookbook. I am also a 6ft 4in former collegiate basketball player who is always looking for the perfect pair of jeans with a 36inch inseam.

In my pre-children life, I worked as a make-up artist for MAC and Laura Mercier. I was fortunate to work and freelance at some of the most fabulous department stores, such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. I love all things fashion, beauty, cooking and kitchen related. My love for those things were definitely cultivated while working in the business where I had access to them everyday.

However, I am inspired by many things and rarely feel compelled to absolutely follow trends. I like what I like and have no problem standing out. I also love finding a great deal not only for myself but also for my kiddies and for my home. Some of my favorite stores are Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma and Wegmans… LOL, no Wegmans is not a department store. However, it is my inspiration for all things dinner related.

For more of my randomness with minuscule dashes of fabulousness, check me out on twitter @pennylove and at my blog, Pennylove.

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