Guest Blogger: bla..

About blackbeltoma: First, I climbed the ladder rungs of the architecture world and saw the view.  Hard work, that climbing.  After pairs of pantyhose and high heels and many power suits, I decided I’d get a kid and hang low, which I do outside of the Philly area with my wonderful … [Read more...]

Shiseido Elixir Tr..

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a bottle of Shiseido Elixir Treatment Mask to review.  She told me that she has used many a mask and exfoliant, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest.  She loves how soft and smooth it makes her skin feel. I have to admit, before starting Chic … [Read more...]

Sally Hershberger ..

Yall know who Sally Hershberger is, right? I ask because my mother did not, and it made me tired. Ms. Hershberger is hairdresser to the stars. She is the one responsible for Meg Ryans shaggy cuts that everyone and their toast wants. She also did that Jane Fonda shag, when Jane Fonda finally … [Read more...]

Interested in Gues..

We will begin running guest posts on Tuesdays at Chic Critique.  The point of this blog is for real women to review products for real women.  By incorporating guest bloggers, we hope to get a wider variety of topics and a wider variety of opinions on the numerous health and beauty products … [Read more...]

Put it to the Test..

Ever since I started telling friends about Chic Critique, I've been getting great suggestions for new products to try.  One such product is Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion.  Here is the product description from the package details: There's a genie in this bottle and she fulfills three … [Read more...]

As Requested, Tips..

Like many of you, liquid eyeliner intimidates me.  However, I love the look so much that I persevered until I got it down pat.  Or at least, got it to the point that I'm not embarrassed to go out in public with it. Tip #1 - Use liquid eyeliner on the upper lid only.  If you want to … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: The..

The Nester is a mom, a wife and a home stager and redesigner who recently left all her clients and moved to a new city.  Instead of going to fabric stores all day she now spends her time homeschooling her three boys.  She scratches that design itch by writing about creative, frugal ways to … [Read more...]

Spring 2008 Makeup..

**UPDATED**The mascara I'm wearing in the pictures below is Lancome Courbe Virtuose.  The eyeshadow is by Mary Kay.  It's the vanilla cream to powder eye shadow base that comes in a tube, and then the plum eye shadow powder duo. And the black liquid liner is Mary Kay as well.  I also … [Read more...]

Mason Pearson Hair..

I don’t know about you (I mean, how could I? I don’t know who is reading this. I would love to know about you, don’t get me wrong) but I have read about Mason Pearson hairbrushes for years. Perhaps you did not spend 80 hours a week perusing Seventeen magazine, Glamour, Elle, and the pinnacle of … [Read more...]