Postpartum Workout Style

Being 10 weeks postpartum means it's time for me to get back in the game of getting in shape.  I've been slowly easing into it as my endurance and strength are virtually non-existent post baby.  I'm working through a Couch to 5k program (have you heard of this app?  It's awesome.  It guides you … [Read more...]

Summer Style: Sun Protective Clothing

Cabana Life Lattice print rashguard  ||  Mott 50 Hat  ||  Cabana Life black cover up Athleta Ariel Swim dress  ||  Mott 50 boatneck dress  ||  Mott 50 Sonja dress Summer is here!  Which means we've all been soaking up the rays as much as we can.  I love getting a little tan just as much as the … [Read more...]

Hurry! Athleta Sale on Zulily

Here at ATC, we love Athleta. In January Mel shared how she wears Athleta for winter workouts and how she uses chic Athleta style to transition from the gym to the rest of your life with minimal outfit changes. The only challenge with Athleta? The prices can be a bit intimidating, even if the … [Read more...]

Fit Style to Street Style

I'm a busy gal. With three kids, a dog, a job and an increasingly busy schedule, I hit the ground running at 6:30am and generally don't stop until 8:30pm when the kids are all in their beds.  My husband travels quite a bit, so many days its just me playing cook, maid, taxi driver, homework tutor and … [Read more...]


Its definitely winter 'round these parts. My cousin was bragging on Facebook yesterday how much warmer she is than us here in New England. How she went to run errands yesterday in a light jacket and rain boots. SHE LIVES IN ALASKA. All that to say, its pretty nippy. I find winter the hardest time … [Read more...]

brand love: athleta

If you've never tried one, Athleta dresses are FABULOUS. You can pull it out of the bottom of your gym bag, put it on, smooth it and go out to dinner. They are awesome! And a ton of their summer styles are marked WAY down! More Athleta... … [Read more...]