Organizing Your Makeup

Something about the fall season always gets me thinking about ways to organize and declutter my life, including my makeup and skincare. Here are some of my favorite vanity organization tips to keep my cosmetics organized and within easy reach. Store brushes upright. If you don't want to spring … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Corolle Hairstyling Head

My daughter is obsessed with doing hair! She LOVES playing hairstylist - and sometimes its a little dangerous for Mama :-) I've had brushes and combs stuck in my hair... I've even had to cut out rubber bands that she's tangled in there! The Corolle Hairstyling Head is a perfect toy for future … [Read more...]

New! Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss

Have you tried the new Burt's Bees lip glosses? I've long been a fan of their lip shimmers, but recently wanted something with a little more coverage so decided to check these out. First of all, I love that they have a lip shade finder on their site, since it's impossible to try on the … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation

Foundations are tricky. They can be too much... making your skin look cakey and fake. They can be too little... not hiding flaws or not staying put. Meet Smashbox Liquid Halo HD Foundation. This is magic, folks.  This gives you great coverage but still looks natural. Its the  smoothest, most … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Lipstick Trends with Smashbox

This fall, Smashbox is right on trend with two hot, hot limited-edition shades of its Be Legendary Lipstick! Its is called "legendary" for a reason, folks - these lipsticks are packed with vitamins C and E to keep your lips feeling smooth and looking marvelous all day!  Everything Smashbox is … [Read more...]

HANAair Hair Dryer

Heading back to work after being home for three months with Jake was a little bit of a shock at first.  Not the actual work part - I was okay with that.  But things like wearing shoes and packing a lunch had become foreign to me after twelve weeks of flip flops and day long snacking.  And then there … [Read more...]

Eye Makeup That Lasts

Summer is an especially difficult time to get that eye makeup to stay put.  Every one of us has probably sported raccoon eyes at some point already this summer! Luckily, there are some products on the market that can keep your makeup in place. (Its a great time to be alive, isn't it?) AND we've put … [Read more...]

Melt Proof Your Makeup

Its been a hot one this summer! If only we could go outside with out our makeup melting off almost immediately! You can't completely stop all melting when the temps really soar, but we do have a few tips to help keep your makeup from melting this summer! Switch to Powder Now in the … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Bic Soleil is a Travel Bag MUST! *giveaway*

Ahhhh, summer vacation. Days filled with sunshine, short shorts and swimsuits. Travel bags packed with sunscreen... and razors. Keep it real! Bic heard I was heading to Greece and sent me two razors: BIC® Soleil® Shave & Trim, a razor with a slide-on/ slide-off bikini trimmer, and the Soleil® … [Read more...]