How To: Makeup At The Beach

While we all want to avoid looking like sweaty football players with black stains running down our faces, we do still want to look nice at the beach. Let's talk about how to make that work. First of all - and this may be obvious - skip the heavy eyeliner, foundation, and eye shadow. Instead … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: A Mini Spa in a Little Pouch

I never thought so much fun and relaxation could be in a little packet. And they only cost a few dollars from the drug store. The Montagne Jeunesse personal facial packs are a fun way to have a spa day (or five or twenty minutes) at home. And they actually work. My skin always feels more … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Nail Art Dotting Tools

For the last few months I have been dabbling in nail polish and nail art more than I have in the past. It started mainly because I thought having pretty nails would keep me from continuing to damage my cuticles and nail beds. I was right. One of the easiest ways to venture into the world of nail … [Read more...]

The Simple French Manicure

Do not let the "French Manicure" part of the above title chase you away. This tutorial is much easier and provides a natural appearance that is perfect for every day wear or any occasion where you do not want your nails dominating your appearance but still want a more than natural look. You … [Read more...]

Summer Hair Care: Fairy Tales Shampoo and Conditioner

We've talked about this before, but spending time in the pool will do a number on our hair. Fortunately my hair doesn't turn green in the summer, but too much fun in the sun does leave my hair hard and brittle. Enter Fairy Tales Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo and Lemon-Aid Conditioner. Despite … [Read more...]

GoodEarthBeauty – Natural Pampering to your Door

I seriously have a weakness for spa goodies. I love body scrubs and masks and lotions and bubble baths.... but unfortunately, I have seriously sensitive skin that does not like all the additives and perfumes and dyes so many of these products use. Luckily, there are so many fantastic natural … [Read more...]

Spring up your Beauty Routine

Spring Cleaning is here! Ignore the house, spend some time spring cleaning up your makeup and beauty routine! Clean out that closet. How many old shampoos, lotions, expired sunscreen, almost empty bottles of hairspray and whatnot is crowding up your bathroom or linen closet? Clean it. Do a good … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream

Ok, so I just tried BB Cream. I know. Way to join the game late, right? But its AMAZING! When I first read about them I really thought they sounded too good to be true. I mean, all that in just one cream? Please. After all, it claims that it: - HYDRATES like moisturizer - SMOOTHES like … [Read more...]

Pink Nails for Spring

Around this time of year, I shift up my nail polish routine from the reds, light pinks, and taupes of winter to the bright pinks of summer. There are so many fun pinks to try! I love Essie's "Pansy", China Glaze's "Flirty Tankini", and L'Oreal Paris' "Check Me Out". But admittedly, I continue … [Read more...]