Corolle: Give Gifts that Last a Lifetime

We have so many toys. We have toys coming out of our ears. I'm not even kidding. They're everywhere. I'd say perhaps 10% of them get played with weekly. Eliza plays with her dragons. (We're into dragons now! Thank you, Tolkien!) Colin loves to play with cars. But Grace… Grace has her dolls. Since … [Read more...]

Corolle Dolls: Memories that Last a Lifetime

We all have those toys that stayed with us though the years. When at my mother's house this summer, I found my old dollie. When I was a child, I had a little rag doll I called "Lollie" and she was my constant companion until I finally stopped sleeping with her around age 10.  I had Cabbage Patch … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Mademoiselle Corolle Dolls for Toddlers

We have found your toddler's new BFF! The Mademoiselle Corolle Collection is just perfect for little girls ages 3 and up. These dolls are absolutely charming, with huggable, soft bodies and smooth vinyl skin delicately scented with vanilla.  Her long, silky hair is so fun to style - and with dolls … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: BabiCorolle

The BabiCorolle line by Corolle dolls is designed for babies from birth and up. Corolle's super-soft dolls are perfect for baby! BabiCorolle first soft dolls have sweetly expressive faces that will captivate and soothe baby and all Babi Corolle first soft dolls are designed with multiple "handles" … [Read more...]

Gift Guide: Corolle for Every Age

As you know, we love Corolle dolls in our household. Even my son!  One thing I adore about thi sbrand is how they have created dolls for every age, so there is always a perfect gift. UNDER ONE YEAR: BabiCorolle has tons of options - but my favorite by far are the Lilis First Dolls. These … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Corolle Chic

My daughter is obsessed with Corolle fashion dolls! The Les Cheries Fashions are completely darling: amazingly on trend for a toy! I feel like most doll fashions are designed as fashions people 'think' girls like - not what they actually would wear and certainly not what is really trendy! My … [Read more...]

Corolle Lila Doll Review

We LOVE Lila!! This is the coolest, most realistic baby doll we've ever seen. She coos, she babbles, she giggles, she sucks her bottle, she cries and she's adorable! Check her out: Corolle's Les Classiques Lila has a huggably soft body, especially for a doll with special features that require … [Read more...]

Corolle Emma

Did you know there is a simple tool you can get to make potty training easier? Its made by Corolle and her name is Emma! One of the best ways to learn something is to teach someone else to do it. And this applies to potty training as well!  By training the doll to go potty, children are … [Read more...]

Corolle Les Cheries Fashion Dolls

Corolle is a premium doll brand designed in France, whose faces are sculpted in the likeness of real babies. Corolle dolls are life like, adorable, and all the dolls always have a fresh vanilla scent – that is just lovely. They are as far from those creepy fake baby dolls as you can get! So for the … [Read more...]