Whish… for Lovely Legs

The summer sun is fading, and those gorgeous gams you came to admire might be looking and feeling a little worse for the wear. I love everything about fall, from the fashion to the food. But one thing I don't love are the itchy, newly-pale legs that start to emerge. Before you reach for those black … [Read more...]

Healing Your Dry Skin with Eucerine Cream

When I was a little kid, I developed eczema. After a visit to the pediatrician procured a prescription, we ended up with Eucerin Cream in our medicine cabinet. It took my eczema away, and fast. These days, Eucerine¬†Cream is available without a prescription, but it's still just as effective. … [Read more...]

Favorite Dry Skin Products

As Jo-Lynne mentioned in her post on Friday, this cooler weather is already making my skin dry up. Thanks to the wonders of daylight savings time... I woke up at 4 am today with itchy dry skin. Ugh. For my money, there is only 1 product that I really know and trust will get the job done to … [Read more...]

Remedy for Dry Itchy Skin

In the winter time the dry air really affects my skin. Specifically my legs in the shin area. I'm not one to use lotion on a regular basis but when I did in the winter it seemed pointless. My skin would still be dry flaky and itchy by the end of the day. I needed something that would … [Read more...]

A Fix for Dry Faces

I don't know about where you are, but here in Indiana it's been pretty cold for the past few weeks. Inevitably, at this time of year, people always ask how I keep my skin looking so smooth and non-flaky when the weather is so bitterly cold. Enter the Vanicream skin care line. This line has … [Read more...]

The Crusty Cure

You can call me Crusty The Clown. It's okay. I have crusty heels. I think most women suffer from this at one time or another, but I think heredity works against some of us too. Thanks Mom:) Seriously, she is going to die when she reads this...she does read this, by the way, plus has a pink laptop … [Read more...]