At Home Tips for Thick Eyebrows

It's not uncommon for someone to tell me that I look like Brooke Shields.  They are somewhat right - although truth be told, I'm convinced it's really just because we have the same eyebrows.  Thick, but kind of sparse.  Definitely always growing everywhere.  The maintenance makes me want to cry some … [Read more...]

Five Beauty Buys to Try this Season

Stepping outside your beauty comfort zone is an important way to up your confidence and make it through winter with your personality intact. From mud masks to crimson lips, up your game this season and leave those cold-weather cares behind. Mud mask: warm up with a healing, detoxifying mud … [Read more...]

The eye(brow)s have it

Every once in a while I get random compliments from strangers about my eyebrows. (In fact, at least two such instances happened to me during Blissdom.) But really, they’re complimenting me on my eyebrow pencil because my natural brow seems to end a little over half-way. Which is totally … [Read more...]