Gray Jeans for Fall

I don't know if it's a "thing" or not for fall, but I've seen gray jeans come up on a couple of occasions lately. I think I like them! Here's what I've seen: Miraclebody Jeans Skinny Minnies in Granite. Image via Pair #1, Miraclebody Jeans Skinny Minnies in Granite. I've eyeballed … [Read more...]

I Need White Pants!

Ever since Jo-Lynne posted about how to wear black and white on Friday, I’ve had one thing on my mind: White pants. I’ve dipped my toe into dangerous White Pants Territory in the past, to awful results. But the awfulness was of my own doing; I just didn’t buy the RIGHT white pants. FYI: The … [Read more...]

Tall Girl Style: Favorite Places To Find Pants, Jeans & Slacks

Many women dream of having longer legs.  They wear high heels, pants and skirts all designed to elongate the legs.  Meanwhile, little do they know, those of us with long legs have a little secret -- we are always trying to find clothes that will properly cover them.  Well, maybe not always cover … [Read more...]

Pants That Make Me Pant: Gap Perfect Trouser

Before I get started today, let me first clear up all the disclaimers: I am not affiliated with Gap. I'm not one of the (OMG SO SO LUCKY!!) Gap Magic bloggers. I was not asked to write about Gap. I pay a whole lot of my own hard-earned money to Gap. So there you have it. So, the Gap. Although … [Read more...]