How To Create A Gallery Wall

We're in the process of renovating our house room-by-room, but I couldn't wait until the rooms were done to get some pieces art and photos up on our blank walls. I had already picked out the perfect spot at the top of our stairs to place a gallery wall where we could keep all our favorite family … [Read more...]

Chic Accessorizing with Artisan Treasures

Ceramic statuette, "Our Planet",; $139.95 Have you ever been in someone's home that just looked "store bought"?  You know, like a cookie-cutter model that fell WAY short of expressing the owner's true personality. During my interior designer days, I often found two things at the core of … [Read more...]

Color Your Home For Happiness And Health

Feature photo and design by V. Vancuren Sorry, folks, I didn't quite get the Vlog done for this edition of Inside Moves. So, instead, I want to share some powerful and creative information about color, specifically as it applies to home decor.  I don't know if you've ever thought about it, but … [Read more...]

Chic Feng Shui Basics

Hi Everyone!  This week I want to talk to you about Feng Shui (pronounced: fung-shway). Now, I'm not trying to convert you to some Eastern religion, I'm simply giving you the basics of a design concept that, in my opinion, really does make a difference in your home and life.  So, please stay with me … [Read more...]