Walking in Heels

Every fashionista should own a killer pair of heels. Like these. :: cue drooling :: But what’s the point if you can’t strut your stuff in them? For me, walking in heels is like second-nature.  I would attribute most of this ability to the fact that I was a dancer growing up, so being … [Read more...]

The eye(brow)s have it

Every once in a while I get random compliments from strangers about my eyebrows. (In fact, at least two such instances happened to me during Blissdom.) But really, they’re complimenting me on my eyebrow pencil because my natural brow seems to end a little over half-way. Which is totally … [Read more...]

Makeup Application 101: Brushing up on the basics

When I first got married, I could not cook to save my life. My culinary repertoire consisted of cold cereal, boiling water and, on a good day, maybe a scrambled egg. Despite my gastronomic deficiencies, my mother and grandmother insisted on outfitting my newlywed kitchen with every utensil, gadget … [Read more...]