How To Wear Fall’s Hot New Trend: Ponchos

Fall is already here in most of the country, and even this morning in Houston there was a brisk breeze in the air. So if you're one to pay attention to the hottest trends in the fashion industry, you probably already noticed the abundance of a long forgotten piece of outerwear...the poncho. Capes … [Read more...]

fashion friday: how to wear sweatercoats

There are a few things in life I'm a sucker for. Cute babies, Starbucks' White Chocolate Mocha {hold the peppermint, please} Fall & Winter, and to that end, a warm cuddly sweatercoat. You can find them now in so many different styles that they're as versatile as a great cardigan. Why not … [Read more...]

A New Twist on Tying Your Winter Scarf

Most women tie a scarf by folding the scarf in half, and pulling the two tails of the scarf through the loop. While this is certainly a great look, silkier scarves tend to unloop (or strangle you.) Here’s a new twist on this classic method that you’ll want to try! Fold your scarf in half and … [Read more...]