Inside Moves

A bi-weekly home decor column for All Things Chic by contributor, Kellie Stone.

Cozy Chic Home…Made Easy

Feature Image by Kurama The Spirit Fox The outside flowers have seen better days.  You no longer can just hang out by the pool.  And, the inside of your home may be lacking in the cozy department.  Well, fortunately, it's not rocket science to create an alluring, warm environment for the changing … [Read more...]

Chic Low Cost Hearth Room

I recently had the opportunity to do some sprucing up in a rarely used room in my home.  And, the reason it was rarely used: It had never been defined as a useable space...well, unless you consider being a catch-all for clean laundry, toys, and shoes a purpose.  Anyway, since I love to find fabulous … [Read more...]

Chic Accessorizing with Artisan Treasures

Ceramic statuette, "Our Planet",; $139.95 Have you ever been in someone's home that just looked "store bought"?  You know, like a cookie-cutter model that fell WAY short of expressing the owner's true personality. During my interior designer days, I often found two things at the core of … [Read more...]

Get Rainbow Love In Your Home

Healthful Elements I've talked some about color and its affect on our mood, health, and spiritual state, but I wanted to give you some additional tips on how to use it to enhance your lives. I truly believe when you make your living and work space not only comfortable and beautiful but active with … [Read more...]

Chic Scents with a Purpose

Photo by yoshimitsue Every day we are bombarded by smells.  At home. At work.  Even at the mall.  And while some are harmless, it's a good idea to know what scents may not be serving you well and which ones actually are good for you.  Here is a quick guide to some common scents you might … [Read more...]

Color Your Home For Happiness And Health

Feature photo and design by V. Vancuren Sorry, folks, I didn't quite get the Vlog done for this edition of Inside Moves. So, instead, I want to share some powerful and creative information about color, specifically as it applies to home decor.  I don't know if you've ever thought about it, but … [Read more...]

Chic Color Palettes From Nature

Let's talk about color, shall we?  Today, I want to share some of my color secrets with you. Well, they are not really secrets, but they are useful tips to help you transform your home into the haven you deserve.  Spring is the perfect time to freshen things up from a long, drab winter and the … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Love Life with Feng Shui

In the last part of the "Feng Shui" series, I briefly explained the basics of the ancient art of placing objects to enhance your life. One point I strongly made was that you don't have to be involved with the religious aspects of the tradition to utilize the "common sense" ideas incorporated with … [Read more...]

Chic Feng Shui Basics

Hi Everyone!  This week I want to talk to you about Feng Shui (pronounced: fung-shway). Now, I'm not trying to convert you to some Eastern religion, I'm simply giving you the basics of a design concept that, in my opinion, really does make a difference in your home and life.  So, please stay with me … [Read more...]