Gettin’ Jeggy With It

By now, we have established that I am a late adopter to fashion trends. So believe me when I tell you that NOBODY was more surprised than I was with my recent outlet mall purchase. Black. Jeggings. Oh yes - not just jeggings (which I have been thinking about for a while). Black jeggings. I had … [Read more...]

how to wear: jeggings

Cardigans by Arden BFlats by Merona wrap cardigan by Arden B - $39jeggings by Levi - $32.99Meaghan ruffled flat by Merona - $19.99filigree side ring by Forever 21 - $4.80structured hoop earrings by Forever 21 - $2.80 total for outfit= $99.58And this is how you wear jeggings and still look like a big … [Read more...]

the jeggings are taking over my house

Even my kids have them now!  Bought both girls the Medium Wash and Dark Wash Jeggings at Target yesterday for only $12.99! They love them! They are terrific for those kids who don't really like jeans (like my girls) because of the buttons/snaps and zippers. They have the comfort of … [Read more...]