Easy Accessories for Fall

We always want to look like our most fabulous selves, but the morning rush combined with a day's worth of to-do's looming can get in the way. I find I feel my best when I look "put-together" but that doesn't always have to mean spending a ton of time getting ready. One great way to cut down on the … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion: Shane Co. Jewelry for the Glam Set

While you're hanging with the kiddos and soaking in the final rays of summer, admit that a tiny part of you has been flipping through the fall fashion mags and dreaming of outfits for the months ahead. This season is all about shape and texture, and the perfect way to make every outfit pop is with a … [Read more...]

3 Black and White Bags by Kate Spade

I love handbags. End of story. They are my passion. I also love black and white. Kate Spade is really tempting my pocketbook with these three bold black and white handbags: YES! That is a handbag. Take another look: My favorite, by far, is the Postmark Jasper. How … [Read more...]