Best of the Beauty Aisle

This summer, I'm pregnant and all about saving time and money. But a girl needs her beauty staples, after all. A trip to Target with (or without!) your kids can provide cheap fun for all, and have Mama headed home with some amazing products sans the major price tag. We all love our luxe … [Read more...]

Severe Dry Lip Remedy That Really Works

For some reason my lips have been terribly dry this autumn season. I usually don't see the side-effects of the colder weather until January or later. And on top of that, they looked as though I had received a botched collagen injection. Not a pretty sight. In my desperate attempt to solve my … [Read more...]

eos Smooth Sphere — A Green Beauty Bargain

If you take only one step toward "greening" up your beauty routine, consider switching to all-natural lip products. The reason for this will become painfully obvious after you read the following fact: The average woman ingests four pounds of lipstick over the course of her lifetime. Ever … [Read more...]

Beautiful Lips with Beeswax

During the winter I'm always battling the chapped lips. My chapped lips have the tendency to go from chapped, to a big ol' cold-sore, so as soon as they start burning, I start applying. I've tried chapstick, carmex, soft lips, and while they all were okay there was always something missing. … [Read more...]