Best of Beauty: Cheap and Easy Winter Skincare

When the weather outside is frightful (or below 60 degrees F), I have three simple rules for great skin: 1. Never go outside without gloves. $14           You can douse your hands in expensive lotion every night, but if they get a whiff of cold, dry … [Read more...]

Healing Your Dry Skin with Eucerine Cream

When I was a little kid, I developed eczema. After a visit to the pediatrician procured a prescription, we ended up with Eucerin Cream in our medicine cabinet. It took my eczema away, and fast. These days, Eucerine¬†Cream is available without a prescription, but it's still just as effective. … [Read more...]

Alba Botanica’s Sea Lipid Moisturizer

It seems like I'm always looking for the perfect facial moisturizer. It's not that I haven't tried some wonderful products in the past, it's more of a quest to see what's out there, what's new, what impresses, and what fails miserably. Obviously you enjoy it, too, or you wouldn't be poking … [Read more...]

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Once a chocolate lover-always a chocolate lover, do you concur? For those of you who do, have I got a treat for you today! Let me tempt you with the enticing aroma, the decadent creamy texture, the divine sweetness...can you taste it? You want to, don't you? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to … [Read more...]

Cuz Goats Have Good Skin Right?

In the winter my skin gets crazy, weird dry. I've tried extra-strength everything but either end up as greasy as a greased pig or it was so thick that half an hour later my clothes would stick to me. Then I came across what we affectionately call in our house the 'goat cream': Its Canus … [Read more...]

Facing the New Year: Chic Resolutions

What an incredible year! Chic-Critique has grown to lots of great writers and reviewers! There have been crazy and totally must-have products and lots of new things to share. Jo-Lynne has done an excellent job updating the header and keeping everyone excited and enthused. We are so grateful to her. … [Read more...]