Minnie Mouse X OPI Collection

Well, we already told you about the new Opi Spiderman collection - but how about something for girls from our fav gal? HOW fun is Minnie Mouse x OPI, a red-and-pink hued line which includes shimmer, and even glitter-and-hearts! Perfect for little girls - and little girls at heart! Choose from a … [Read more...]

Rescue Beauty Nail Polish

I'm the kind of person who is rarely caught without nail polish.  It's one of those necessities for me.  And I'm always on the hunt for a new color or polish that will stand the test of time. So when my sister-in-law gifted me with a bottle of Rescue Beauty's nail polish in Anne, I was raring to … [Read more...]

Instant Buffed Nails

I have to admit that I take minimal care of my nails. I keep them very short, occassionally get manicures or buff my nails and rarely polish them anything but clear. I love for them to look nice but just don't love to invest the time into them. I chalk it up to being a busy … [Read more...]

Envious No More

Do you remember your first bottle of nail polish? I do. It was dark blue and was probably Wet 'n Wild brand. Since it was my only bottle at the time, I applied it often and used almost a whole bottle. Since then, I've acquired a few hundred bottles of nail polish. Hi, my name is Sarah … [Read more...]

Manicures Made Easy With Nail Polish Pens

As any busy woman can probably attest too, it can be challenging to find the time to fit in an appointment at the nail salon. Just this past week as we were sitting in a meeting, I was complaining to a friend how badly I needed a manicure, but I just didn't see anytime soon when I would be able … [Read more...]

Nails on Vacation

Whenever I'm making my to do list of vacation preparations a manicure and pedicure is always top of the list. There is just something about having bright, fresh nails for the trip especially since our annual vacation takes place during spring break and involves heading south to warm, sunny … [Read more...]

Scandles…Moisturizer on Fire

When I first heard about Scandles, I was intrigued. After all everybody is taught not to play with fire, but here was a moisturizer you use from the hot wax of a candle! You light it, pour it, and then use the oil for massage, manicures, pedicures, and a moisturizer. I couldn't wait to try … [Read more...]